Event Date
18th Jul 2020
    Class: 1 4 decorated cupcakes
    1st - Sylvia Richardson . I am very impressed with the work you have put into these cupcakes. The decoration and attention to detail is superb
    2nd - Miss Hayley Little . I loved the designs, very neat and creative. I also enjoyed the authentic sounds they made.
    3rd - Verity Ellis . You have put a lot of work into the decoration. Very impressed with the design they look like they could really moo.
    Class: 2 Handicraft: Something made or crafted at home during lockdown
    1st - Mrs Judith Edwards . Love the colours and the pattern. There is a lot of work dyeing all your own wool. Looks very snuggly.
    2nd - Mrs Rosie Fielder . What a lovely sampler. Very neat and it must have taken you some time.
    3rd - Mrs Sarah Whitaker . For a first try I am very impressed. The colours are lovely and you have been very neat. I hope it will be appreciated. Well done
    Class: 3 ‘Lockdown Life’
    1st - Mrs Joy Albert . Winning entry. A narrative can be drawn from the image with a stairway to climb and a closed gate to the outside world. You can imagine being lockedown and yearning to go beyond the gate. Well done!
    2nd - Miss Amy Wilson . A simple and effective composition capturing part of the farming cycle that Covid-19 hasn't disrupted. Well done!
    3rd - Miss Jessica Wilson . A shot that reminds us that particularly in the farming world, the rhythm of nature carries on regardless of the disruption caused by Covid-19.