Event Date
14th Aug 2024

Show Description

Private Driving, Exercise Vehicles, Concours D'Elegance & Light Trade classes

The Private Driving, Exercise Vehicles and Concours D’Elegance classes will take place in the morning, with the Light Trade class held separately in the afternoon. Therefore, it will be possible to exhibit in both the Light Trade class and the earlier driving classes.
This show is affiliated to the British Driving Society. Classes are open to BDS and Non BDS Members but otherwise conducted in accordance with BDS guidelines. All horses/ponies entered into these classes must be four years old and over.

This Show is a Victoria Foods Company Driving Championship Qualifier. The Champion will qualify for the Grand Final to be held on Sunday 15th September 2024, at Bury Farm Equestrian Club, New Bury Farm, Mill Road Slapton,
Buckinghamshire LU7 9BT. In the event that the Champion has already qualified, then the Reserve Champion will qualify. If the Reserve has also qualified, the rosette to be awarded back to the champion. Once qualified, the horse, whip and vehicle may not be changed.

Young driver – Competitors in these classes who are aged 10 – 17 years will be eligible to an additional
Young Driver Prize which will be awarded at 1st prize £30 & 2nd prize £20. Young driver competitors must be accompanied by a competent adult whip at all times.
The Cuff Perpetual Championship Challenge Cup - Presented by Mrs. C. Cuff for the best exhibit in classes D1 & D2.
The Mitchell Concours D’Elegance Perpetual Challenge Cup - Presented by Mr. Jeff Mitchell for the Best Exhibit in class D4.
A Perpetual Challenge Trophy - Presented by Mr. Jeff Mitchell for the Best Exhibit in class D5.

Entry fee will be refunded if entry forward on the day.
It would be appreciated by the Commentator if a short description of the vehicle could please be given on the Entry Form.
Overnight Stabling – Limited overnight stabling, to be booked and paid for in advance, will be available – please apply early. Please contact the Show Office for details and bookings.