Event Date
18th Jun 2022
    Class: 100 a poem entitled "my friend"
    1st - Title Lenora Fleming Newtownabbey Independent Christian School
    2nd - Title Luke Jordan Newtownabbey Independent Christian School
    3rd - Title Katelyn Hall Newtownabbey Independent Christian School
    Class: 89 painting (A4 portrait) entitled " a jungle animal" - P3 pupils only
    1st - Title Somaya Gould NICS
    2nd - Title Lucia Brown The Diamond Primary School
    3rd - Title Beth Montgomery The Diamond Primary School
    Class: 90 painting(A4 portrait) entitled "my favourite character from a novel" - P4 pupils only
    1st - Title Georgie Gregg Carniny Primary School
    2nd - Title Abigail McGall Fourtowns Primary School
    3rd - Title Jack Black Carniny Primary School
    Class: 91 a symmetrical picture (A4 landscape) - P5 pupils only
    1st - Title Connie McAnally NICS
    2nd - Title Harry Robinson Carniny Primary School
    3rd - Title Hannah Patterson Carniny Primary School
    Class: 92 design a poster for a street party(A4 landscape) - P6 pupils only
    1st - Title John Arrell NICS
    2nd - Title Zac Hanna NICS
    3rd - Title Andrew McAnally NICS
    Class: 93 any piece of artwork
    1st - Title Evie Bamber Fourtowns Primary School
    2nd - Title Isla Finnegan Fourtowns Primary School
    3rd - Title Fyfe McCooke Carniny Primary School
    Class: 64 coloured in picture of flowers or tractor
    1st - Title Mary Harkin
    Class: 95 piece of writing entitled " once upon a time......."
    1st - Title Carly Croskery Clough Primary School
    Class: 96 piece of writing entitled " my favourite novel character"
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    Class: 97 piece of writing entitled " my dream holiday"
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