Event Date
25th Jul 2023

Show Description

Horse of the Year Show Private Driving Qualifiers
Please ensure that the Exhibitor, Owner, Rider and Horse all have HOYS User IDs.
If you do not have a User ID please contact HOYS directly on 02476 858 205 or email them on entries@grandstand.co.uk
Please also ensure that you are correctly registered the appropriate Horse Society before making your entry. If you are unsure,
please contact the society directly.
BSHA - 01462 437 770
CHAPS (UK) - 01522 703784
BSPS - 01487 831 376
TSR - 02476 857010
SHB(GB) - 01732 866 277
BDS - 01284 630 591
NPS - 01420 88 333
UK Ponies & Horses - 07377 555 539

For M&M Classes please contact the relevant breed society

This Show is affiliated to Equifest, taking place at the Arena UK, Grantham, Lincolnshire on the 2nd – 5th August 2023. The two highest exhibits not already qualified in each affiliated class will qualify.”
Classes 1 Equifest M&M In Hand, 2 Equifest Ridden M&M, 3 Equifest M&M Lead Rein, 4 Equifest M&M First Ridden,6 Equifest M&M WHP
7 Equifest Show Pony Lead Rein, 8 Equifest Show Pony First Ridden, 9 Equifest Ridden Show Ponies, 10 Equifest Show Hunter Pony Lead Rein, 11 Equifest Ridden Show Hunter Pony, 12 Equifest Working Hunter Pony, 13 Equifest Small Hunter, 14 Equifest Ridden Hunters, 15 Equifest Working Hunter, 16 Equifest Intermediate Show Riding Type, 17 Equifest Intermediate Show Hunter Type, 19 Equifest Riding Horses, 20 Equifest Ridden Cobs, 23 Equifest Ridden Part Breds. Qualification cards will not be sent out but The qualification card will be available on the website for competitors to download at no extra cost .

Veterinary Team
All equine health & welfare concerns are with the Veterinary Team, from Howells Veterinary-practice - available during the day on the Showground , please contact horse secretary on the day Tel - 07891039310

2023 Animal Health NOTE:
The Primary Equine Influenza and Tetanus vaccinations are a compulsory requirement for all equines attending the Ryedale Show. 'If sufficient time has elapsed' after the Primary two vaccinations, these should be followed by their six month and yearly vaccinations. No equines should enter competitions within 7 days of an EI vaccination.
(This Rule may be subject to change from guidance from the FEI/BEF.
The requirement for the first 3 vaccinations is as follows: the first 2 vaccinations 21 - 92 days apart, a third booster between 150- 215 days, and an annual booster vaccination within 365 days thereafter. No horse should enter competitions within 7 days of an EI vaccination. Foals should commence vaccinations at 6 months old.)

Entry Fee per class: £15 except fancy dress which is Free
BYEH entry fee as per schedule £37
LIHS Rising Stars entry fee is £25 which includes £10 levy
HOYS driving class entry fee is £31 which includes £16 HOYs levy
Prize money please refer to individual classes
Catalogues can be pre ordered £5 from show extras

Please Note:
Times for classes are an approximate guide only. Classes will not start before the time stated in the ring timetable documents

Rings could be changed to help secure the smooth running of the show . Announcements will be made during the day .
**** Ryedale Show reserves the right to cancel or amalgamate classes if entries are extremely low ****

Ring 2
9am – Small Breed Mountain & Moorland In Hand, followed by Championship followed by Large Breed Mountain & Moorland In Hand, followed by Championship and Supreme Large & Small Championship.
12 noon – Cleveland Bays , Followed by Championship
1.30- Best Decorated Heavy Horse

At 2pm - Rings 1 and Ring 2 will amalgamate to become the Main Ring

2pm – Parade of Vintage Tractors
2.30pm – Mounted Fancy Dress
2.50pm – Heavy Horse in Working Plough Harness
3.10pm - Presentation of the Annual Agricultural Award followed by the judging of the “Champion of Champions” and Grand Parade of Heavy Horse and Cattle Prize winners
3.50pm – Parade Of Hounds
4.10pm - Heavy Horse Turnout Class

Ring 3A/ B
9am - Hunter Breeding followed by Championships.
10.15am - In Hand Irish Draught
11:30am - Heavy Horse Young Handler. Followed by Shires & Clydesdales, judged at separate ends of the ring. Shire and Clydesdale Championships followed by Supreme Heavy Horse Championship
1pm - In Hand Coloureds, followed by Championship followed By Ridden Coloureds and Championship
3pm - Veteran Classes

Ring 4
9am – Ridden Show Hunter Pony, followed by Championship.
11.00am- Ridden Show Pony, followed by Championship
1.00pm - Ridden Mountain and Moorland

Ring 5
9am – Ridden Hunters, followed by Championship
1.15pm – Ridden Irish Draught
2.30pm - Driving Classes

Ring 6
10am – Working Hunter Pony, followed by Championship.
11.45am – Working Hunter Classes.
2.45pm - Mountain & Moorland Working Hunter Pony, followed by Championship

Ring 7
9.00am – Ridden Cobs followed by Championship.

10.30am – Riding Horse
11.30am – Novice Retrained Racehorse Class.
1.30pm - Open Retrained Racehorse Class.

Ring 8
8.30am – Dubarry Burghley Young Event Horse Classes

2.00pm - Open Retrained Racehorse Class.

Not before 3pm Unaffiliated showjumping will follow details from Alison Brown Friar Hill stables Tel 01751 432 758

Under the Horse Passports Regulations (NI) 2010, which came in to operation on 31st March 2010, all horses, ponies and other equine require a horse passport. From 1st July 2009 foals (and older animals not previously registered) now need to have a passport and microchip in accordance with the Regulations.

Event Summary
  • Entries Close
    Sat 15 July 2023 11:59pm
  • Entry Fee
    £0.00 - £37.00
  • Location
    Welburn Park,
    YO62 7HQ