Event Date
13th Aug to 14th Aug 2024

Trade Applications

Please find below the trade options available for the Sioe Sir Fon - Anglesey County Show.

Further information can be found under 'Download Documents'.
Please contact the show directly for any enquiries.

Retail Stand for Direct Selling of Goods (Purchases have closed)

Open Space for Direct Selling of Goods from Stalls.The Show offers superbly presented animals and livestock, shopping and exhibition pavilion, equestrian events, craft exhibitors, food hall, produce exhibitions, machinery and vehicle stands as well as much more.

Open Space for Vehicle and Other Non-Retailing Stands (Purchases have closed)

Non-Retailing stands

Agricultural / Machinery Stand (Purchases have closed)

Horizon Shopping & Exhibition Pavilion (Purchases have closed)

Stands will be situated inside the Pavilion. Standard depth of 2.5m on all stands.

Fast Food Concession Tenders (Purchases have closed)

Tenders are invited for Catering opportunities at the Anglesey Show (with the exception of the Stockman’s Catering Marquee, Food Hall, Exhibition Pavilion, Anglesey and Gwynedd Food and Drink Producers and Fairground) to retail the attached list of commodities at our forthcoming County Show. Companies wishing to tender for any of these concessions or for any combination thereof should submit the online form NO LATER THAN 30th January 2024. The submission must be accompanied by a list of the range of prices that will be charged for the various commodities, including beverages at the Show. Tenders will be accepted based on those prices quoted. Any Company charging prices other than those quoted will be expelled from the Showground. You are also requested to state clearly the size of the Area occupied to include all vehicle(s) you will be bringing to the Show. I also wish to inform you that tenders are accepted on the understanding that the allocation of sites rests entirely with the Society and that sub-letting of concessions will not be permitted. VAT at the current rate will be charged on all accepted tender amounts. Please indicate if any Electricity and/or Water connection will be required (additional charge). The use of silent diesel generators may be used on condition that they do not cause a nuisance to others and that they comply with current legislation. It is against the Society’s rules to leave used cooking oil on the Showground. Any cooking oil left behind will be disposed of and the retailer will be invoiced for the cost, plus charges. The retailer may also be excluded from tendering future Show’s.

Food Hall - Neuadd Fwyd (Purchases have closed)

North Wales Food and Drink Producers only

Anglesey and Gwynedd Food Concession Tenders (Purchases have closed)

This section is for producers based on Anglesey and Gwynedd. Food companies will be situated around the Food Hall.