Event Date
17th Apr 2022
Number Name Results
CH1 Oakelbrook Stud Miniature Junior Championship 1 - Halstock Annie and Mr David Hodge & Julian Walters
2 - Treetops Amazing Grace and Mrs Caroline Tynan
CH2 Equine supremacy Miniature Shetland Senior Championship 1 - Halstock Warrior’s Caraway and Mr David Hodge & Julian Walters
2 - Treetops Minuette and Mrs Caroline Tynan
CH3 Stephanie Laing Overall Miniature Shetland Ring Championship
CH 4 Champlers Stud Standard Shetland Junior Championship
CH 5 Kate Wallace BAEDT Equine Dental Technician Standard Shetland Senior Championship
CH 6 Team Sylvandene Overall Standard Shetland Ring Championship
CH 7 The Shetland Performance Show Ridden Championship
CH 8 Welltrek Shetlands Young Handler Championship
CH10 Southern Carriage Driving Club Driving Championship 1 - HORNBLOWER OF CRAFTON and MRS LINDA SAYERS
2 - Rosteco Hermione and Miss Lucy Stuchfield
CH12 Sunnystone Open Shetland Ring Championship 1 - Champlers Ellie and Mrs Mandy Sargeant
2 - Mallorie of Mawbray and Mrs Ruth Robbins
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