Ring Current Class Number Options
4A Group of three lambs S150 Upcoming
4B Ram, two shear or over S020 Upcoming
10 Group of three lambs S120 Upcoming
11 Ram, two shear or over S180 Upcoming
12 Ram X010 Upcoming
14 Ram, born before 2022 S390 Upcoming
15 Shearling Ram S461 Upcoming
16 Ram, two shear or over S300 Upcoming
17 Upcoming
18 Ram, two shear or over S320 Upcoming
19 Ram X220 Upcoming
20 Ram S340 Upcoming
21 Ram, two shear, shown in wool S400 Upcoming
22 Ram, born in or before 2021 S410 Upcoming
23 Ram two years and over X050 Upcoming
24 Ram, two shear or over S100 Upcoming
25 Ram Lamb born in 2023 X110 Upcoming
26 Ram, two shear or over S000 Upcoming
27 Group of three lambs S260 Upcoming
28 Group of three lambs S240 Upcoming
29 Group of three lambs S040 Upcoming
30 Ram X170 Upcoming
31 Ram X060 Upcoming
Fleece Marquee MEDIUM S491 Upcoming
Sheep Pens Flock Presentation SS611 Upcoming
Butcher and Carcass Pen of five even lambs S501 Upcoming