Grow to Show - Ringside Avon Hall

Class Number Entries Started At
Daffodils/Narcissi. B1
Polyanthus. C1
One pot plant, flowering. E1
A Summer scene in the garden. J1 1
Best Exhibit in Show XS1
Best Exhibit of Cut Flowers XS2
A display of cut flowers, vegetables, pot plants, foliage, arranged for effect. A1
Daffodils/Narcissi - Diameter 50mm or less. B2
Wallflowers. C2
One plant White, Green or Grey Edge Show Auricula. D1
One Regal Pelargonium, flowering. E2
One cactus. F1
One pan rock plant in flower. G1
Iris - Bearded hybrids H1
A picture of a pot plant. J2
Rhubarb - natural. K1
A trio of ornamental plants. L1
An established container planted with flowering plants suitable for the patio. A2
Three different cultivars of Daffodils/Narcissi in a container. B3
Lily of the Valley. C3
One plant Self Show Auricula. D2
One other variety Pelargonium, flowering. E3
A collection of three cacti. F2
One pan dwarf Shrub. G2
Iris - Dwarf bearded hybrids H2
A picture of a floral close up. J3
Asparagus. K2
A collection of five culinary plants growing. L2
An established container planted with foliage plants suitable for the patio. A3
One specimen stem of daffodil/narcissus. B4
One vase of cut flowers of one genus. C4
One plant Fancy Auricula. D3
One pot plant grown for Ornamental foliage effect. E4
A collection of four cacti. F3
One pan dwarf Conifer. G3
Iris - Beardless hybrids H3
A picture taken at one of Malvern's Shows J4
Herbs. K3
Best in Section L - DESIGN AND DISPLAY LS1
A hanging container with flowering plants. A4
One specimen tulip stem. B5
One container of cut flowers of one genus. C5
One plant Light Centred Alpine Auricula. D4
One Miniature Hosta, variegated leaf. E5
One cactus - any cultivar. F4
One pan hardy Orchid. G4
Iris species. H4
Best in Section J - PHOTOGRAPHY JS1
Potatoes. K4
A hanging container with foliage plants. A5
Tulips. B6
One container of cut flowering shrub. C6
One plant Double Auricula. D5
One Miniature Hosta, non-variegated leaf. E6
One succulent. F5
One pan rock plant in flower. G5
Best in Section H - IRIS HS1
Any Other Vegetable not classified elsewhere. K5
Best in Section A AS1
Tulips - miniature. B7
One container of cut flowering tree. C7
One plant Striped Auricula. D6
One Hosta, variegated leaf, grown for foliage effect. E7
A collection of three succulents. F6
Three pans rock plants, different cultivars or species. G6
Best in Section K - VEGETABLES KS1
Parrot Tulips. B8
One container of cut lilac. C8
One plant Border Auricula. D7
One Hosta, non-variegated leaf, grown for foliage effect. E8
A collection of four succulents. F7
One pan Primulaceae. G7
Double flowered tulips. B9
One container of mixed spring flower. C9
One plant Gold Centred Alpine Auricula. D8
A collection of three Hostas. E9
Echeveria Group, one plant. F8
One pan dwarf bulbous plants of one cultivar. G8
One container growing any single species of bulbs, corms, rhizomes or tubers. B10
Pelargonium flowers. C10
Best in Section D - AURICULA DS1
One climbing plant. E10
Cacti and/or other succulents. F9
One pan dwarf Shrub. G9
Best in Section B - BULBS BS1
A petite arrangement of mixed flowers. C11
Any Broadleaf 'BONSAI' exhibit. E11
A miniature container garden. F10
One pan rock plant with silver or grey foliage. G10
Pansies or Violas. C12
Any Coniferous 'BONSAI' exhibit. E12
One pan hardy Orchid. G11
One container of cut peony flowers. C13
One pot of Orchid in flower. E13
One pan Lewisia. G12
One container of cut aquilegia flowers. C14
A container of Ornamental Grass, Sedge or Rush. E14
One pan Cushion plant. G13
One container of cut euphorbia flowers. C15
One Fern. E15
One pan Sempervivum or Jovibarba. G14
One bowl of floating flower heads. C16
One pot or pan, any carnivorous plant. E16
One pan Saxifragaceae. G15
Best in Section C - CUT FLOWERS CS1
One pot, Violas or Pansies. E17
One pan rock plant in flower. G16
One pot or pan, Violas or Pansies. E18
Three pans rock plants, different cultivars or species. G17
Best in Section E - POT PLANTS ES1
One pan Lewisia. G18
One pan Primulaceae. G19
One pan dwarf Shrub. G20
One pan rock plant to be judged for foliage effect. G21
One pan dwarf bulbous plants of one cultivar. G22
Best in Section G - ALPINES GS1