Event Date
27th Jul 2023

Show Description

Please indicate on Entry form is MV Accredited
Please Note: Exhibitors of Maedia Visna accredited sheep must hand to the show officials the Green SAC valid Certificate of Status when unloading. If not, the sheep will be accommodated in the Non-Attested Section and no claim may be made against the Association for Re-Testing.
A fully completed movement licence to be handed to the show officials.
All adult sheep to be shorn, and will be subject to dipping regulations if applicable.

INFECTION: If there is any doubt over Sheep Scab - Please may we ask you do not bring your sheep to the show.
Breed Society Rules to be adhered to.

The Show society have the right to remove and amalgamate classes if necessary.
IMPORTANT: Please note that the various breeds o sheep will be judged simultaneously.
Therefore exhibitors with entries in more than one specific breed must ensure that they have sufficient handlers to exhibit in all breeds at any one time.