Class: 151 As Class 149 for a Child 13-18 years
    1st - Miss Freya Glessing
    2nd - Miss Bethan Rennie
    3rd - Miss Carina Dawe
    4th - Miss Lauren Slawson
    5th - Miss Grace Blewett
    6th - Miss Louise Coates
    Class: 150 Open competition Child 9-12 years.
    1st - Oliver Burlton
    2nd - Mr Thomas Glessing
    3rd - Mr Harry Neale
    4th - Miss Sophia Baxter
    5th - Miss Issy Martyn
    6th - Master Dennis Bearns
    Class: 149 Open competition Child Under 9
    1st - Ms Stephanie Hooper
    2nd - Miss Erin Ham
    3rd - Miss Evie Hutchings
    4th - Miss Sybil Martyn - Uglow
    5th - Miss Amy Cobbledick
    6th - Mr James Ham
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    Class: 111 Pair of Devon and Cornwall Longwalls selected from Classes below (one of each sex).
    1st - G W & D M Tucker
    2nd - MESSRS JG&SJ Tancock
    3rd - Mrs L Uglow
    Class: 121 Ewe Shearling
    1st - Mrs G Renfree
    2nd - Mr R D Molyneux
    Class: 112 Ram Shearling or over
    1st - MESSRS JG&SJ Tancock
    2nd - MESSRS JG&SJ Tancock
    Class: 113 .Ram lamb
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    Class: 114 Ewe 4 tooth or Older having lambed in the previous 12 months
    1st - G W & D M Tucker
    2nd - MESSRS JG&SJ Tancock
    3rd - MESSRS JG&SJ Tancock