Class: 20 Open Hunter exceeding 15.2hh.
    1st - Cu Chulainn Carrabawn Rebel and Mrs V Doidge
    2nd - Silver Lily of Mourne and Mrs Maria Williams
    3rd - Bennys double diamond and Miss Rebecca Potter
    4th - Skip On Over and Ms Jan Rakhshani
    5th - Major Squeaker and Miss Josefine Board
    6th - Olly Murs and Miss Grace Barker
    Class: 19 Open Small Hunters Gelding or Mare,
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    Class: 18 Local Gelding or Mare, exceeding 14.2 hh 4 years and over,
    1st - Bennys double diamond and Miss Rebecca Potter
    2nd - Skip On Over and Ms Jan Rakhshani
    3rd - Whiterose penelope and Miss Daisy Mckenna
    4th - Bramblebrough Exemore and Miss Brontë Stevens
    5th - Rizzabella and Mr Derek Mckenna
    6th - Inschallahs Love Meister and Mrs Diana Stevens
    Class: 21 Open Riding Horse. Any Height
    1st - Scrappy doo and Miss Daisy Mckenna
    2nd - Rizzabella and Mr Derek Mckenna
    3rd - Stellar Dancer and Miss Abby Wade
    Class: 22 Cob. Any Height
    1st - Kilmoylan Chance and Ms Kathryn Baily
    2nd - The ring master and Mr Warren Gary
    3rd - Knapps truly scrumptious and Mrs Sue Munro
    Class: 11 Unregistered Mountain & Moorland Type, In-hand.
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    Class: 15 Unregistered Mountain & Moorland type, ridden.
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    Class: 14 Large Breed Ridden Mountain & Moorland. Mares & Geldings 4 years & over,
    1st - Stennerskeugh Harvey and Mrs Sue Smith
    2nd - Kirtonian Loch Birnie and Mrs Liz Twite
    3rd - Billy Coneely Sandy and Ms Claire Taskis
    4th - Glynwyn flash gordon and Miss Carla Hennig
    5th - Millicent Swallow and Miss Phoebe Boundy
    6th - Carlung Senator and Mrs Heather Belhi
    1st - German Lois Lane and Mr K Locke
    2nd - Manorcourt Chrisma and Miss Tegan Stephens
    3rd - Trewithian Tiggywinkle and Miss Grace Murray
    Class: 12 Mountain & Moorland Leading Rein
    1st - Brynsion Markova and Master Archie Andrews