Show Description

There will be no specific classes.

The following prizes will be awarded:
• Best in Show £25
• 2nd £15
• 3rd £10
• Highly Commended £5
• Drawing prize £15

Entry fee £3 per painting. All paintings must be for sale (minimum price £30), with 10% of sales going to the Show.

You may enter up to 12 paintings for exhibition, though paintings may not previously have been exhibited at this Show.

Entries close 2nd August. This date will be strictly adhered to.

Pictures must be properly framed and must not exceed 76cm (30") in either dimension including the frame. Unframed canvas blocks are acceptable.

All pictures must have a hanging cord attached of a length not visible when hung and strong enough to bear the weight of the picture.

Labels (8cm (3") square approx.) must be attached to hang below the front of the painting stating the Title of the work, Your Name, Medium used and Price. Paintings must also be labelled on the back with your name, address, telephone number and price. Signatures must be covered with masking tape, this will be removed after judging.

Exhibitors must be amateur artists.

All paintings must be exhibitors own work and if a copy of another artists work, this should be clearly stated. No reproductions will be accepted.

A free one day show day admission ticket will be issued to any person who enters four or more paintings. Tickets will be distributed upon receipt of exhibits on Tuesday 15th August.

Pictures to be handed in between 7.30am & 1.00pm on Tuesday 15th August 2023.
Pictures to be collected between 4.00pm & 5.00pm on Wednesday 17th August 2022.