Show Description

HOLDING NUMBER: 36/474/8000



1. Entries close strictly on he deadline date advertised. Telephone entries cannot be accepted. Entries will not be accepted unless remitted with full entry fees. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry without assigning a reason.
2. If any statement in any entry may be found to be incorrect, such entry will be cancelled. A false statement in any entry may be dealt with by the Frome and District Agricultural Society, although there may not have been an objection lodged against such an entry.
3. All livestock brought to the Show must be in perfect health and should not have been in contact with any animal suffering from an infection or disease. No ewe shall be exhibited which is pregnant or has lambed within 30 days of the date of the Show. Stewards are authorised to remove any animal which, in the opinion of the Honorary Veterinary Officer, should not be on the showground. All livestock should have a stable and non aggressive temperament.
4. Exhibitors are responsible for acquainting themselves with the current DEFRA regulations including those on movement and isolation and must agree to comply with these.
5. Movement Licences, Passports, MV Certificates and other documentation, which DEFRA or other regulatory body may require must be available on arrival of the animals at the Show. Any exhibitor not having these to hand will be asked to leave the showground immediately. While the Society will take precautions to protect the status of scheme sheep, it will not hold itself responsible for any accidental contacts made which may affect the status of an exhibitor’s
flock. The Agricultural Holding Number for the West Woodlands showground is 36/474/8000
6. Exhibitors are to be on site by 8.00 am on Show day and are asked to bring sufficient stockpersons for the number of animals they are bringing to the Show.
7. All exhibits must remain in their places on the showground until 4.00 pm on Show day. Movement before this time is at the Steward’s discretion. The showground will be open to receive stock from 6.30 am on Show day. Exhibitors may bring stock on Friday 8th September AFTER 5pm if they wish (please contact the show office). Stock on the showground overnight must be supervised.
8. All exhibitors must comply with the Show’s Bio-Security policy which includes cleanliness of transport vehicles
9. All stock will be considered and treated as being in the sole Charge and custody of the exhibitor during the whole of the Show and every exhibitor or his assistant must be in charge of the same. The organisers will not be responsible for, and shall be indemnified against, or in respect of, any loss, damage or injury, arising from accident or any other cause to any persons, stock, vehicles or equipment.
10. The organisers of this Show have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organisers, officials and stewards.
11. All competitors take part at their own risk. The landowners, organisers, sponsors or officials will not be responsible for any loss, damage, accident/ injury to owners, handlers, spectators, livestock or property/vehicle, however caused.
12. Objections must be made in writing within one hour of the incident accompanied by a deposit of £10.00 which is returnable if the objection is sustained.
13. Times of classes may vary on the day. Please keep an eye on your ring and check with your ring steward, not the Secretary, as entry fees will not be refunded.
14. Classes will be judged under the relevant Breed Society’s rules and regulations. The judges’ decision is final.
15. The organisers reserve the right to vary the order or composition of the schedule according to circumstances and to substitute other judges from those named or to make additional appointments as required. The organisers reserve the right to amalgamate or subdivide any class should numbers entered justify it.
16. The decision of the organisers on any point not covered by the rules is final.
17. The Society reserves the right to refuse an entry without giving any reason
18. ALL sheep must be halter or collar led in handled classes
19. All trophies, unless stated, are perpetual and are to be held for the period between Shows. Trophies are to be collected on Show Day from the Sheep admin tent and must be returned clean, in good condition and in time for the 2023 Show.
20. The Society will not tolerate the admission of tranquilisers or other drugs which may affect performance of any animal either entered for competition or on display. The Society reserves the right to take samples. Any exhibitor in breach of this rule will be reported to the organising committee & dealt with at their discretion as well as being reported to the relevant Breed Society
21. NO excessive bloom dip or bloom powder or colouring to be used on animals.
22. Entries will be accepted from either MV accredited or non-accredited sheep category must be stated on entry form. MV sheep must be accompanied by a valid SAC Certificate of Status.
23.No animal may be entered in more than one class except where stated.
24.Sheep may be shown trimmed or untrimmed.
25.All sheep must be in the ownership of the exhibitor for three months prior to the show.
26. All exhibitors must complete the AML 4 part license.
27.In classes ‘Group of three’ one to be of the opposite sex and owned by the same exhibitor.
28.In children's’ classes the handler may show any breed or cross, sex or age of sheep. Sheep may be trimmed or untrimmed. Exhibitors to be judged on presentation, handling and knowledge. Handlers age and name to be stated.
29.Commercial ewes and butchers lambs are not halter led and are untrimmed.
30.No cross breeds allowed unless in Commercial Pairs, Butchers Lamb or Children classes.
31. All sheep capable of doing so must join the livestock parade as directed by Stewards. Stewards reserve the right to withdraw animals from the parade if deemed unsafe
32. Pens - one will be given free, others must be paid for.