Event Date
10th Sep 2022
    Class: 1 Queen's Platinum Jubilee
    1st - The Thursday Stitchers
    2nd - Mrs Sarah Pearson
    Class: 2 A selection of 6 items of knitting, crochet or hand sewing made by a group or individuals
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    Class: 3 Charity Class - ‘Teddies for Tragedies’
    1st - Mrs Sue Mitchell
    2nd - Mrs Kirstie Jones
    3rd - Mrs Naomi Dagger
    Class: 4 A pair of socks, knitted or crochet
    1st - Mrs Valerie Vincent
    Class: 5 An up cycled article of garment
    1st - Mrs Celia Grafton
    2nd - Mrs Sharon Jones
    3rd - Mrs Nicola Wells
    Class: 6 A hand knitted patterned article or garment
    1st - Dr Tim Woodman
    2nd - Mrs Hazel Jan Grant
    3rd - Ms Muriel Knightley
    Class: 7 An item of Handwork - Open to exhibitors 70 years and over on the Show Day
    1st - Mrs Joyce Rutt
    2nd - Mrs Lorna Collins
    3rd - Mrs Margaret Mullins
    Class: 8 Baby’s hand knitted or crochet coat or cardigan
    1st - Mrs Mary Earle
    2nd - Mrs Cheryl Ashley
    3rd - Mrs Melanie Nixon
    Class: 9 A hat
    1st - Ms Susan Parry
    2nd - Ms Imogen Crees
    3rd - Dr Robyn Bott
    Class: 10 A set or group of knitted, hand sewn or crochet toys or dolls
    1st - Mrs Naomi Dagger
    2nd - Mrs Valerie Vincent
    3rd - Mrs Daphne Woodruff