Event Date
3rd Jun 2022
    Class: 556 Any Article made for YFC Craftwork/ Scrap Competitions (12-30 years)
    1st - Miss Rhiana Finney
    Class: 557 Any article eligible for the YFC Photographic Competition (12-30 years)
    1st - Miss Katherine Anderson
    2nd - Miss Rhiana Finney
    Class: 558 Floral Art: An arrangement depicting a YFC Competition eligible for YFC Floral Art (12 - 30 yrs)
    1st - Mr Jamie Shaw
    Class: 559 Four Cup Cakes (12-30 years)
    1st - Miss Rhiana Finney
    2nd - Mr Jamie Shaw
    3rd - Miss Rebecca Rankin
    Class: 560 Four Traybakes (12-30 years)
    1st - Mr David Patton
    2nd - Mr David Patton
    3rd - Mr Jamie Shaw
    Class: 561 Four Fruit Muffins (12-30 years)
    No Results Entered
    Class: 562 Club Entry: A display entitled "Charity Work in Northern Ireland"
    No Results Entered
    Class: S164 Exhibitor gaining most points overall in Craft Work Section
    1st - Mrs Valerie Tweed

    Silver Goblet - Mrs Valerie Tweed
    Class: S176 Exhibitor gaining the most points overall in the YFC Section
    1st - Miss Rhiana Finney

    Jubilee Perpetual Challenge Cup - Miss Rhiana Finney
    Class: 554 A piece of good handwriting with eight lines from a piece of prose of own choice
    1st - Mrs Eileen White
    2nd - Mrs Evelyne L Robinson
    3rd - Mrs Deborah Millen-Rankin