Event Date
17th Jun 2023

Show Description

Section Chief Steward :- Mr Samuel J Smyth

Pre - Entry Fee per class: CAAA Members £10, Non CAAA Members: £12

(unless otherwise stated)

Entry on the Day Fee per class: £15 except family ponies £10

Prize Money per class (unless otherwise stated) 1st £20, 2nd £15, 3rd £10

ENTRIES CLOSE: Friday 26th May 2023


Ridden Hunters & Ridden Cobs - Saturday 17 June from 10am

WH Pony - Saturday 17 June from 10am

WH Horses and WH Cobs - Saturday 17 June from approx 12noon following the WH Pony

Clydesdales Saturday 17 June from 11.30am

Family Ponies - Saturday 17 June from 10am

Riding Ponies - Saturday 17 June following family ponies

Native Breeds – Saturday 17 June from 10am

Passport to accompany the horse at all times.

Under the Horse Passports Regulations (NI) 2010, which came in to operation on 31st March 2010, all horses, ponies and other equidae require a horse passport. From 1st July 2009 foals (and older animals not previously registered) now need to have a passport and microchip in accordance with the Regulations.