Event Date
17th Jun 2023

Show Description

1. It is essential that Isolation areas have been passed and licence issued - Any queries should be addressed to DAERA.
2. Exhibitor numbers will be issued at Registration box on show day.
3. Due to Bio-Security Measures, Straw is Prohibited for use at Ballymena Show – sawdust may be allowed.
4. Cattle for Exhibition, showing signs of any kind of disease, will have to be removed by the Owner immediately.
5. Exhibitors must follow parking and all other instructions issued by stewards.
6. All cattle classes will be judged on Saturday 17th June 2023 commencing from 10.00am.
7. Entry Fees: CAAA Members £7; Non CAAA Members £10 (unless otherwise stated) - CATTLE ENTRIES CLOSE ON FRIDAY 26th May 2023.
8. Prize Money in Cattle Section 1st £20 2nd £15, 3rd £10 (except where otherwise stated).
9. Cattle exhibitors are requested to display the animal number allocated while in the judging ring so that they be easily identified by the viewing public.
10. All persons must sign the entry form as agreement to conform to the rules of the County Antrim Agricultural Association as organizers of Ballymena show.
11. It is the responsibility of exhibitors to ensure that appropriate Insurance cover is in place for the showing of his/her exhibits at the show.
12. Trophies are presented at the annual awards awards night being held on Saturday 7th October in Tullyglass Hotel.
13. Snaffles must be worn by all cattle over one year old
14. Prize money will be issued to the bank account given online


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In compliance with the above Order County Antrim Agricultural Association has produced an Event Management Plan. This is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions for its employees or other persons who have reason to be present on premises and grounds occupied by the Association during Ballymena Show.
Specific responsibility is placed on all exhibitors, trade, craft or stock, for their own personal safety, fellow exhibitors and all other persons (including the general public) who have reason to be present. Exhibitors should acquaint themselves with the Rules and Regulations and Instructions to Exhibitors.
Exhibitors must adhere to all instructions given to them by the Stewards present and consult with the Section Chief Steward on any points relating to safety that may arise.
All livestock exhibitors must be deemed capable of handling any animal they are exhibiting.
Child Exhibitors must be accompanied by an adult. Any minors accompanying Exhibitors to the Show are the responsibility of the Exhibitor.
The completion of an entry form for Ballymena Show is deemed to be a full acceptance of an exhibitor of his intention to comply with all Regulations and Instructions as laid down under the Rules & Regulations of the Association.
Copies of the Event Management Plan can be obtained from the Secretary’s Office on the 1st floor of the Main Grandstand or by telephoning 028 2565 2666.

Intending Exhibitors are requested to read the Rules carefully, and not to lodge Entries unless they are prepared to comply strictly with the Regulations.
1. Lodging Entries. Entries can be completed online www.showingscene.com or all Entry Forms accurately completed and signed by the Exhibitor or Agent must be sent by post to the Secretary of CAAA together with the amount of the Entry Fees where applicable. Cheques to be made payable to the County Antrim Agricultural Association (CAAA). Entries on plain paper cannot be accepted. The Association requests that intending Exhibitors lodge their Entries with the Secretary as early as possible before the period for receiving Entries closes.
2. Entries Close. No Entry will be accepted unless it has been received on or before the closing date and is accompanied by the full amount of the fees.
3. Postponement. The Association reserves the right to postpone or abandon the Show but will not be responsible to any intending Exhibitor for loss incurred by reason of such postponement or abandonment.
4. Full Particulars. All particulars required in the Entry Form must be stated, otherwise the exhibit is liable to be disqualified and excluded from the Show. The exhibit must be that as described in the Entry Form, and no other.
5. Verification of Statements. Each Exhibitor or agent must be prepared to verify every statement contained in the Entry Form in any manner the Association may require.
6. Exhibits not sent. Any person entering an exhibit, and failing to send same for exhibition, shall forfeit the Entry Fee.
7. Rejection of Entries. The Association reserves to itself the right to reject any Entry without assigning any reason thereof. In the event of the Association being unable to accept any entry, notice will be given not later than six days before the show, and the fees lodged will be refunded, or in any case of there being insufficient entries in a class where the Association withdraws the class from competition, the Entry Fees will be refunded.
8. Amalgamation/Division/Cancelling of Classes. Where, in the opinion of the Association, there are either insufficient or too many entries in any one Class, the Association may, without reference to the Exhibitor or Agent, amalgamate, divide, or cancel such Class. Amalgamation may be affected with any other similar, or relevant Class, with or without increase of Prize Money, but where a Class is divided, similar Prize Money will be paid in each division.
9. Entry Fees will not be refunded should an exhibitor wish to cancel any of his/her entries. Failure to send same for exhibition or competition will also mean that any entry fees paid will be forfeited.
10. Due to Bio-Security measures, STRAW IS PROHIBITED for use at Ballymena Show.
11. Any minors accompanying Exhibitors to the Show are the responsibility of the Exhibitor. Child Exhibitors must be accompanied by an adult.
12. Should a judge encounter an animal or animals which he/she has bred, owned or in which he has had any interest, a request may be made to the chief steward of that section to appoint another suitable person to place such animals. If a chief steward is aware of such a situation, he should notify the judge.

Exclusion of Liability
Ballymena Show Committee will not be responsible for accidents or losses.
County Antrim Agricultural Association, as organisers of Ballymena Show 2023, requires all entrants and exhibitors as a fundamental condition of entry to undertake and accept that Ballymena Show Committee shall not be liable in any way for any claim for compensation or otherwise which may arise out of or be connected with the Show including without prejudices to the
generality of the foregoing, the holding, abandonment or alteration of the date of the Show, omission of any entry, the rejection or removal of any animals or other exhibit, the removal or exclusion of any owner, groom, rider or attendant from the Show, or the appointment decision, act or omission of any Judge, Officer, Official, employee or other persons be in any way responsible
or accountable for anything that may happen (from any cause or circumstance whatsoever) to the Exhibitors or their Attendants or to any exhibit or property brought into the Showgrounds, or for anything else in connection with, or arising out of, or
attributable to Ballymena Show. Each Exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any consequential or other loss, Injury or
Damage done to or occasioned by or arising from any animals or item exhibited by him/her, and for its description as given in the Catalogue. Exhibitors shall indemnify the Ballymena Show committee against all legal or other proceedings in regards thereto.