Event Date
18th Jun 2022

Show Description

1. It is essential that Isolation areas have been passed and licence issued - Any queries should be addressed to DAERA.
2. Exhibitor numbers will be issued at Registration box on show day.
3. Due to Bio-Security Measures, Straw is Prohibited for use at Ballymena Show – sawdust may be allowed.
4. Cattle for Exhibition, showing signs of any kind of disease, will have to be removed by the Owner immediately.
5. Exhibitors must follow parking and all other instructions issued by stewards.
6. All cattle classes will be judged on Saturday 18th June 2022 commencing from 10.00am.
7. Entry Fees: CAAA Members £5; Non CAAA Members £7 (unless otherwise stated) - CATTLE ENTRIES CLOSE ON FRIDAY 27th May 2022..
8. Prize Money in Cattle Section 1st £20 2nd £15, 3rd £10 (except where otherwise stated).
9. Cattle exhibitors are requested to display the animal number allocated while in the judging ring so that they be easily identified by the viewing public.
10. All persons must sign the entry form as agreement to conform to the rules of the County Antrim Agricultural Association as organizers of Ballymena show.
11. It is the responsibility of exhibitors to ensure that appropriate Insurance cover is in place for the showing of his/her exhibits at the show.
12. Trophies are presented at the annual awards BBQ being held on – tickets will be available from the show office during.
13. Snaffles must be worn by all cattle over one year old