Show Description

Goat Section

The goat classes are held under the rules, regulations and recognition of the British Goat Society. All exhibits must be registered with the BGS as in the ownership and in the name of the exhibitor. The registered name and number must be quoted on the entry form. (Also the kidding date for goats in milk). All goats in milk must be kidded or aborted a minimum of 30 days previous to the date of the Show. No entries will be accepted in the B or W categories unless CAE blood test results are on BGS submission forms or Sheep and Goat Health Scheme (PSGHS) forms. This is to enable quick and accurate confirmation of the status of the goats attending a show. PSGHS reports will be collected and returned to PSGHS by us.
The registered number of any goat initially entered as RAF must be submitted to the show organiser before that goat competes. No pregnant goat may be admitted to the Showfield.
Goats in milk must quote kidding date and must have been kidded or aborted at least 30 days prior to Show Day.
All goats in milk, whether entered in the Milking Competition or not must be on the Showfield in time to be stripped out at 6.00pm on Tuesday 6 September 2022. Goats in milk will be paraded with full udders, at 6.30am on Wednesday 13 September (Northern Goat Show) & Thursday 14 September (Westmorland County Show) and will then be milked out.
Scrapie Monitored Herds – entries accepted from scrapie monitored herds, with appropriate segregation in force. Entry form to be clearly marked.
Judging starts at 10.00 am each day