Show Description

All Poultry Classes will take place on Thursday 8 September 2022. Due to capacity restrictions, the organisers reserve the right to restrict entries and/or to close entries early. Preference will be given to exhibitors attending in 2021.
Poultry section held subject to DEFRA regulations. In the event live classes 1-55 are not permitted to take place, all entry fees will be reimbursed. Egg classes will still be held.
All exhibits to be penned by 9.15am, No exhibit may be removed before 4.30pm. The society accepts no responsibility for any exhibit and the normal conditions of the society apply. Birds can only be entered in one class.
Exhibitors are responsible for feeding and watering their own birds. Pen numbers to be collected on Show Day. Champion overall exhibit to take part in the Grand Parade.
An exhibitor pass is issued when fees paid equal or exceed £14.00. If entry fees total less than £14.00, an exhibitor may pay the difference to gain a pass. Over 14 entries entitles 2 passes.