Event Date
13th Jul 2024

Show Description

NEW CPH Number: 13/319/8104

IMPORTANT - There will be a Grand Parade of livestock and presentation of trophies in the President's Ring at approximately 4.00pm. All class winners and trophy winners will be expected to parade.

DEFRA SCHEME Legal requirements for the Movement of Animals/Cattle Passports. Exhibitors are reminded to ensure they, or their haulier, can provide, upon request, completed Animal Transport Certificates, for the journey(s) to the Showground. Owners of Cattle must ensure that the animals are accompanied by, and can provide upon request, the relevant Full Cattle Passport, for animals under 28 days old, a Calf Passport Application (CPP12), duly completed. Guidance on the necessary completion of Cattle Passports to/from Showground can be obtained from the BCMS Helpline, telephone 0345 0501234. Bar Coded labels are available from the Show Secretary. Owners of all stock are reminded that the relevant records of the animal(s) movements to the Show must be duly entered into their own Farm Register or movement book within 36 hours.