Event Date
21st Jun to 22nd Jun 2023

Show Description

CATTLE Section - 2023
The Lincolnshire Show has classes for Beef, Dairy, Commercial Cattle and Cattle Young Handler Competitions. The cattle are housed in breed sections and wrt TB testing status.

Lincolnshire Agricultural Society's County Parish Holding Number is 24/654/8003

Reminder for ALL CATTLE Exhibitors from Trading Standards:- CATTLE must be tagged in accordance with the Cattle Identification Regulations 1998. (Failure to do so may result in the animal being sent home)

Advanced Entries close on Thursday 27 April 2023. Any entries after this date to carry a premium of £10 per booking to Final Closing Date, Thursday 4 May 2023.
The above applies to DAIRY STALLS - you need to enter a Wednesday DAIRY class to reach the stalls. (cow details to correct by18 May) ALL other DAIRY COW class entries for Thursday 18 May.

Full detail of ALL classes may be seen in the Livestock Prize Schedule

Before making your ONLINE entry do use the GREEN rectangle to Download and view:

00 Important Notes for ALL Livestock Exhibitors.
01 The Livestock Regulations & Information.

View the details for your class and make your entry using the BLUE rectangle: 'Enter Now'

Please Note:
In the event of low exhibitor numbers in any of the breed classes or low entries catalogued, classes may be cancelled or amalgamated.