Southwest Pony Association Championship Show - Ringside

Ring Current Class Number Options
All weather A Ring Supreme In Hand Championship SP1 Upcoming
All Weather B Ring SWPA Pondarosa Stud Ridden Mountain & Moorland of the year Championship CH28 Upcoming
All Weather C Ring Broad Family Challenge Championship CH93 Upcoming
All Weather D Ring Native Medal Awards Mountain & Moorland Ridden NM2 Upcoming
Castle A Ring Ridden Welsh sections A & B 281 Upcoming
Castle B Ring M&M Leading Rein 622 Upcoming
Castle C Ring SWPA 'Show within a Show' Open Ridden Championship CH85 Upcoming
Lakeside Ring M&M Working Hunter, Not Exc 122cms 176 Upcoming
Ballan All Weather Ring Upcoming
Popular A Ring SWPA Members Mini Ridden Championship CH90 Upcoming
Ballan A Ring SWPA Consolation Ridden Championship CH86 Upcoming
Ballan B Ring SWPA Wales & West Festival Mini Working Hunter Championship CH76 Upcoming