South West Pony Association Championship Show 2023 - Ringside Magic Arena 1

Class Number Entries Started At
Show Jumping 45cm SJ1
Show Jumping 55cm SJ2
Show Jumping 65cm SJ3
Show Jumping 75cm SJ4
Show Jumping 85cm SJ5
Arena Eventing 45cm AE1
Arena Eventing 55cm AE2
Arena Eventing 65cm AE3
Arena Eventing 75cm AE4
Arena Eventing 85cm AE5
Show Jumping 55cm SJ6
Show Jumping 65cm SJ7
Show Jumping 75cm SJ8
Show Jumping 85m SJ9
Show Jumping 95m SJ10
Arena Eventing 55cm AE6
Arena Eventing 65cm AE7
Arena Eventing 75cm AE8
Arena Eventing 85cm AE9
Arena Eventing 95cm AE10
Mountain & Moorland, Yearling 600
Mountain & Moorland, Two & Three year old 601
Mountain & Moorland Small Breeds, Four and over 602
Mountain & Moorland Large Breeds, Four and over 603
Open Horse / Pony (exc M&M) Youngstock 604
Open Horse / Pony (exc M&M) Four & over 605
Coloured Horse / Pony, Youngstock 606
Coloured Horse / Pony, Four & over 607
Competition Type Horse / Pony 608
Filly / Mare. Any Type. Any age 609
Colt / Stallion. Any Type. Any age 610
Gelding. Any Type. Any age 611
Miniature Horse / Shetland. Any age 612
SWPA 'Show within a Show' In Hand Championship CH79
Lead Rein Show Pony / Show Hunter Pony 620
First Ridden Show Pony / Show Hunter Pony 621
Mountain & Moorland Leading Rein 622
Mountain & Moorland First Ridden 623
SWPA 'Show within a Show' Mini Ridden Championship CH80
Ridden Coloured Pony, n/e 148cms 625
Ridden Coloured Horse, exc 148cms 626
Ridden Competition Pony, n/exc 148cms 627
Ridden Competition Horse, exc 148cms 628
Ridden Veteran, Fifteen & over 629
Ridden X Race Horse 630
Ridden M&M Small Breeds 631
Ridden M&M Large Breeds 632
Ridden Show Pony / Show Hunter Pony 633
Ridden Part Bred Mountain & Moorland 634
Ridden Pure, Part Bred or Anglo Arab 635
Ridden Riding Horse / Hack 636
Ridden Light/Middle/Heavyweight Hunter 637
Ridden Open Light/Heavyweight Cob 638
Ridden Traditional Cob 639
SWPA 'Show within a Show' Ridden Championship CH81
In-Hand Diamond Veteran, VHS Regional Qualifier VHS7
In-Hand Veteran, VHS Regional Qualifier VHS8
In-Hand Pre-Veteran, VHS Regional Qualifier VHS9
Ridden Diamond Veteran, VHS Regional Qualifier VHS10
Ridden Veteran, VHS Regional Qualifier VHS11
Ridden Pre-Veteran, VHS Regional Qualifier VHS12
Veteran Horse Society Regional Final 2023 (Preliminary Judging) VHSC