South West Pony Association Championship Show 2021 - Ringside Magic Arena 3

Class Number Entries Started At
Open Ridden Show Pony 74
Ridden Show Hunter Pony 75
Ridden Show Hunter Pony 76
Ridden Intermediate Show Riding & Show Hunter Types 77
SWPA SNUGGY HOODS Ridden Show Pony / Hunter Pony / Intermediate of the year Championship CH23
Ridden M&M (Non Welsh) Part Bred 78
Ridden Welsh Part Bred 79
SWPA Ridden Mountain & Moorland Part Bred of the Year Championship CH10
Ridden Part Bred & Anglo Arab 80
Ridden Part Bred & Anglo Arab 81
Ridden Pure Bred Arab 82
SWPA Ridden Pure, Part Bred & Anglo Arab of the Year Championship CH11
SWPA Ridden Part Bred of the Year Championship CH24
M&M Junior Ridden, Small Breeds 70
M&M Junior Ridden, Large Breeds 71
Junior Open Ridden, Not exc 138cms 72
Junior Open Ridden, Exc 138cms 73
SWPA Barrowhill Stud Junior Ridden Mountain & Moorland Championship CH35
SWPA Junior Open Ridden of the Year Championship. CH36
Ridden Shetland, Exmoor, Dartmoor 62
Ridden Welsh Sections A & B 63
Ridden New Forest & Connemara 64
Ridden Dales, Fell & Highland 65
Ridden Welsh Sections C & D 66
SWPA Pondarosa Stud Ridden Mountain & Moorland of the year Championship CH28