South West Pony Association Championship Show 2021 - Ringside Magic Arena 2

Class Number Entries Started At
Beginners Walk & Trot. Riders Eighteen & over 293
Beginners Walk & Trot. Riders Thirteen – Seventeen 294
Beginners Walk & Trot. Riders Three - Twelve 295
SWPA RMB Biginners Championship CH54
Beginners Lead Rein. Riders 3 – 5 years old 296
Beginners First Ridden. Riders 4 – 6 years old 297
SWPA RMB Festival Tiny Tots Championship CH55
Senior Riders 40 – 55 year old 298
Senior Riders 56 years old and over 299
Best Turned Out Open Under Saddle (exc M&M) 330
Best Turned Out Mountain & Moorland Under Saddle 331
SWPA Best Turned Out Championship CH97
Family Horse / Pony Ridden 332
Riding Club Horse / Pony Ridden 333
Family Horse/Pony, Riding Club Horse/Pony Championship CH98
In-Hand Pony. Any Type (exc M&M). Youngstock 351
In-Hand Pony. Any Type (exc M&M). Four & over. 352
In-Hand Horse/Hack/Hunter/Cob. Any type. Youngstock. 353
In-Hand Horse/Hack/Hunter/Cob. Any type. Four & over 354
In-Hand Coloured Horse/Pony. Youngstock. 355
In-Hand Coloured Horse/Pony. Four & over 356
In-Hand M&M Small Breeds. Youngstock 357
In-Hand M&M Small Breeds. Four & over. 358
In-Hand M&M Large Breeds. Youngstock 359
In-Hand M&M Large Breeds. Four & over 360
In-Hand Veteran. Any type, Fifteen years old & over 361
SWPA Family Showing Series Yearling Championship CH56
SWPA Family Showing Series In-Hand Championship CH57
Open Lead Rein Show Pony 370
Open First Ridden Show Pony 371
Lead Rein Pony of Show Hunter Type 372
First Ridden Pony of Show Hunter Type 373
Mountain & Moorland Lead Rein 374
Mountain & Moorland First Ridden 375
SWPA Home Produced Mini Ridden Championship CH58
Ridden Show Pony/ Show Hunter Pony 376
Ridden Intermediate Show Riding / Show Hunter Type 377
Ridden Horse/Hack/Hunter/Cob 378
Ridden Competition Pony 379
Ridden Competition Horse 380
Ridden Coloured Pony 381
Ridden Coloured Horse 382
Junior Rider. Any Type/Breed 383
Senior Rider. Any Type/Breed 384
Ridden Shetland, Exmoor, Dartmoor 385
Ridden Welsh sections A & B 386
Ridden New Forest, Connemara 387
Ridden Dales, Fell, Highland 388
Ridden Welsh sections C & D 389
Ridden Veteran. Fifteen years & over 390
SWPA Home Produced Ridden Championship CH59
In Hand Pony Final TSR1
In-Hand M&M Final TSR2
Junior & Senior Handler TSR3
In Hand Horse Final TSR4
TSR NAF Wales & West In-Hand Final CH95
Ridden Coloured Horse/Pony TSR5
Ridden Horse including Cobs Final TSR6
Veteran / Senior Horse/Pony Final TSR7
Equitation Junior & Senior Rider TSR8
Ridden Pony Final TSR9
Lead Rein Pony (any type) Final TSR10
First Ridden Pony (any type) Final TSR11
Mountain & Moorland JUNIOR Rider Final TSR12
Mountain & Moorland SENIOR Rider Final TSR13
Riding Club / Competition Horse/Pony Final TSR14
Novice Showing Final TSR15
TSR NAF Overall Supreme CH96