SEIB Racehorse to Riding Horse Qualifier - Defender Burghley Horse Trials

Event Date
8th Sep 2024


SEIB Racehorse to Riding Horse qualifier
Ring 1
Michaela Bowling (Ride Judge), Philip Hilton (Conformation Judge)
Class: 1 SEIB Racehorse to Riding Horse Qualifier


The SEIB Racehorse To Riding Horse Championship is a series for thoroughbreds that have raced in either point to point, flat or national hunt racing.
The competition is open to amateurs and professionals. The format of judging will be as for a riding horse class but the best of type will win.
Horses must be over 4 years old and 148cms or over. Riders must be 15 years old and over on the date of the HOYS Championship. The first horse will go forward to Horse of the Year Show at Judges discretion. There are a limited number of entries allowed, and late entries cannot be accepted. Entries are based on a first come first served basis, and once the class is full a waitlist will be held, please email if you wish to be added to this. If you qualify before Burghley then you will not be able to go and you will be refunded. ONLY 1 HORSE WILL QUALIFY. Rosettes for all, placed down to 6th.

Advanced Entries: £58.00
Standard Entries: £26.00