Flower Show - Ringside Flower Marquee

Class Number Entries Started At
One vase of any Flowering Tree or Shrub ONE variety 1
One vase of Cut Foliage ONE variety 2
Any One Specimen Flower/Bloom – Spray or Spike 3
Photograph 3A a
Painting 3A b
Craft 3A c
Woodwork 3A d
Hanging Basket 4
Window Box 5
A Patio Container 6
Herb Gardening 7
Hanging Pouch with Most Colour 8
Lush & Lovely 9
Destination Unknown 10
Ocean Deep 11
Hot, Hot, Hot! 12
Garden of the Future 13
Flight Patterns 14
Eco-Elegance 15
Energy Burst 16
Moon Madness 17
“Mr McGregor’s Garden” 1J
“A Princess’s Jewellery Box” 2J
“A Treasure Chest” 3J
“A Favourite Fairy Tale” 4J
A Bowl of Floating Flowers For A Frog Prince 5J
Any One Specimen Flower / Bloom 6J
A Decorated Honey Jar For Winnie the Pooh 7J
A Mushroom From Wonderland 8J
A Dream Catcher made from mainly natural materials 12J
The Tin Man 13J
Collage 9J
Collage 10J
Collage 11J
Window Boxes 14J
An Arrangement of Plants Growing in a Pair of Red Shoes 15J
A Collection of Plants Growing in Mrs Tiggy Winkle’s Basket 16J
A Selection of Herbs Growing in Puss’s Boots 17J
Old Macdonald’s Wheelbarrow containing growing flowers and vegetables 18J