Show Description

There is no cattle marquee for the 2023 show, Exhibitors need to bring their own covering for Livestock. Pens and bedding will be available as usual.


Judging starts from 9:30am in cattle rings
These will run in accordance with DEFRA Guidelines at the time of the Show
(which may be subject to change in the intervening period between the issue of the Schedule and Show day)
Entry fees: Cattle - Non Members £10.00, RAHSS Members £8.00 each Sheep – Non Members £7.00, RAHSS Members £5.00 each
Closing Date for cattle and sheep entries is MONDAY 7th AUGUST 2023
PLEASE NOTE: You may enter on-line again through our website (
Entries are processed via software – Showing Scene and payment processed via Stripe (card payment).
Late Entries – Late entries will be accepted only at the discretion of the Show Secretary. There is limited penning for 2023 – entries will be accepted on a first come basis.
Substitution – Substitution is allowed, as authorised in Show Regulations, but only in the same class as that in which the original animal was entered.
Health & Safety
Cattle unloading bays will be in operation on Show morning and on Friday afternoon until 9pm.
The attention of all exhibitors is respectfully drawn to the DEFRA Code of Practice “The Welfare of Animals in Livestock markets”.
PLEASE NOTE: ‘Farm’ vehicle passes, for parking in the bio-security area, will ONLY be issued to cattle/sheep lorries or boxes and towing vehicle. Due to Health and Safety and limited parking, cars will be requested to park in the FREE PUBLIC CAR PARK.
Dogs are permitted in most areas at the Romsey Show, provided they are kept on non-retractable leads. However, we do not allow dogs in the cattle and sheep lines (except for assistance dogs) and request exhibitors to cooperate with this ruling.
No gas appliances or generators are to be used within livestock animal areas or near straw.
Grand Parade
The Rules & Regulations require that ALL prize-winning cattle and sheep must take part in the Grand Parade, held at 3.30pm within the Cattle Area for 2023 or risk forfeiture of prizes. The committee would appreciate it if exhibitors would also parade non-prize winners. In the case of sheep, a decision will be made on Show Day as to whether it will be Non-MV Accredited sheep or MV Accredited sheep participating in the Grand Parade (due to enforceable accreditation regulations for the Show). Stewards reserve the right to remove any animal deemed unsafe from the Grand Parade. Cattle must not be loaded for removal until 4.30pm or prizes will be forfeited. If an exhibitor has cattle remaining in the cattle pens, they must have at least one person remain in the area with the animal(s).
Veterinary Cover
Although there will be no veterinary cover on the Showground until 7am on Showday, the telephone number of our out of hours honorary veterinary practice will be displayed in the cattle lines.
Cattle and Sheep Lines
Free penning for Cattle. A plentiful supply of quality straw is available. There will be no marquee for cattle at the 2023 show, Exhibitors will be required to bring their own gazebos as cover. The public will be able to view stock as per DEFRA Guidelines. Exhibitors who prefer their animals to be screened are asked to bring their own headboards. Exhibitors bringing calves at foot should show this in the appropriate section on the online entry form so that adequate space may be allocated.
Sheep will have separate open-air unloading/loading bays, and separate penning for MV accredited and nonaccredited stock will be in operation on Showday. No cover is provided for sheep exhibitors.
Hot and cold snacks and beverages will be available from 7.00am on Showday from around the showground. A catering unit will be available on the Friday Cattle/Sheep Stockpersons
A free Stockmen’s Breakfast and drink will be available for stockpersons with a ratio of 1 breakfast for up to every 4 animals exhibited. Breakfast tickets will be given out to cattle stockpersons when passports are checked (additional tickets may be purchased with cash). Sheep exhibitors’ tickets will be given out by the Chief Sheep steward (additional tickets may be purchased with cash).
Prize Money
Exhibitors will be paid after the Show via BACS, no prize money cash will be provided on the day. Exhibitors will need to include their bank details on their entry to ensure they are able to receive prize money post-show. The prize money will be paid up to one month after the Show. Cups/shields need to be signed for in the Secretary’s Tent.
Entry Tickets
Exhibitor Admission to this year’s show will be via Exhibitor Wristbands, which will be provided based on total entry fees paid and posted before the show.
1 animal entered - 2 Wristband passes 2 animals entered - 3 Wristband passes 3 animals entered - 4 Wristband passes.
Thereafter 1 pass per animal up to a maximum of 6 Wristband passes Additional tickets or wristbands may be purchased at a rate of £16.00 each, with your entry.
1. All cattle classes are open unless otherwise stated.
2. All cattle must be halter led.
3. Bulls must be shown in accordance with Guidance Note GS 36 issued by the Health and Safety Executive.
4. The Society reserves the right to restrict the numbers of entries in accordance with the available penning facilities.
5. Substitutions will be accepted on Showday up to 8.00am provided they are notified in writing to the Secretary or Chief Cattle Steward, but only in the same class as that in which the original exhibit was entered.
6. Exhibitors may only enter an animal in one section.
7. Facilities are made available for exhibitors to wash and dry their livestock. Fittings to ensure their safe operation will be available to hire through the Livestock Stewards for a deposit of £50.00, which will be refunded upon safe return of fitting(s) after use.
Conditions: Bovine TB and Pre-Movement Testing
All cattle must be from herds on which no movement restrictions have been served by DEFRA. No animal accepted for entry may be exhibited if after entry such movement controls are imposed.
Please refer to and for further information. These rules will apply to ALL cattle, not just ‘High risk’ herds, as the housing for cattle at the Show will be within an enclosed marquee; all cattle moving from premises in parishes with a 1 year TB testing interval must have undergone a TB test with a negative result within 60 days of the Show. Herds where the TB tests are scheduled at an interval of 4 years will not require premovement testing but will require post-movement testing.
Exhibitors will be required to provide written confirmation of these test results with their entry and MUST also have them available for inspection on Showday.
In the event of these regulations changing, exhibitors should be aware of and must comply with the current legislation, rules and conditions in force at the time of the Show.
Legal requirements for the Movement of Animals/Cattle Passports
Show holding Number: 15/269/8104
Exhibitors are reminded to ensure that they, or their haulier, can provide upon request, completed Animal Transport Certificates, for the journey(s) to the Showground.
Any animal that attends the show must be accompanied by a chequebook-style or single sheet passport.
Guidance on the necessary completion of Cattle Passports to/from Showgrounds can be obtained from the BCMS Helpline, telephone 0845 050 1234.

Owners of all stock are reminded that the relevant records of the animal(s) movements to the Show must be duly entered into their On-Farm Register or movement book within 36 hours.