Event Date
10th Aug 2024

Show Description

* The Orkney County Show is open to Orkney residents only, with the exception of the 'Open Dog' class which is open for anyone, including visitors, to enter on the day - please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly before completing your entry *

Cattle exhibitors are to be in the showpark by 8am.

A traffic management plan will be publicised in The Orcadian prior to the show and must be followed by all exhibitors.

Judging starts promptly at 9.30am.

* Please Note *
A copy of your up to date BVD accreditation certificate, proof of negative herd status or proof of individual animal testing results MUST be provided to the secretary by 21st July 2024.

All animals entered in Section VI - Pure-bred shorthorns must be registered with the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society. Grading Register animals are not eligible to be shown.

For both Sections VI - Pure-bred Shorthorns and Sections VIII - Pure-Bred Aberdeen Angus - Pure-Bred steer calves to be shown in Cross-Bred Section.

Sections XII - Cross-Bred Coloured and Sections XIII - Cross Bred - Black/Blue Polled. To be eligible for special prizes 1 and 2, breed and bulls name MUST be on entry form.

Section XVI - Young Handlers
Young Handlers may ask any cattle exhibitor at the show if they would be willing to let him/her use their beast - also eligible for parade of prizewinners. Entry must be in young handlers name.

The County Showpark CPH is 87/620/8010