Show Description

Secretary: Mrs. G. Daintree
Chief Steward – Mr H Keast
Assistant Chief Steward: Mr. P Vanstone
Exhibitors of MV Accredited Sheep must show a valid and fully completed MV/CAE Health Status
Report with an expiry date later than the Show date to the Stewards prior to unloading.
MVA sign MUST be clearly displayed in windscreen
ALL BREEDS – Please note for the breed classes to run we must have a minimum of 3 exhibitors,
if not, ENTRIES WILL be placed in Any Other Breed Classes.

If you are unable to enter your breed classes due to MV Accredited status,
please enter Any Other Breed section.

If there are a total of no more than 7 (Seven) entries in the Shearling
and older classes, they will be amalgamated.
Entry Numbers are limited to 1200 , due to space constraints.
Exhibitors must ensure that they have sufficient handlers
if entering more than one breed,
as section judging is concurrent.
Judging commences at 9am
Exhibits must have been the bona fide property of the Exhibitor