Show Description

Goat Section Secretary: Mr. R. Calcraft
Tel. 01395 233985/078156 09829 email:
B.G.S. Show Classification ‘A’ C.A.E. Status ‘W’
Judging Commences at 10.30 a.m. (or at the judge’s discretion)
Show C.P.H. No. 10/175/8000
Entry Fees £5 per class (to include pen fee)
Rosettes to 4th place
Prize Money: 1st £10, 2nd £8, 3rd £6
A total of 12 points to qualify for prize money in the milking competitions
On NO account will entries be accepted without a valid whole herd tested CAE certificate.
The Goat Classes/Milking Competitions only are held under the Rules, Regulations and Recognition of
the British Goat Society. All exhibits must be registered with the BGS as in the ownership and in the
name of the exhibitor, the registered name and number being quoted on the entry form as well as the
kidding date for goats in milk. All goats in milk must have kidded or aborted a minimum of 30 days
prior to the day of the show.
Any goat entered as R.A.F. MUST have the registered number submitted to the section secretary prior
to the show day.
B.G.S. Health Classification ‘W’ entries will be restricted to goats from herds that are whole herd
negative C.A.E. tested within the twelve months prior to the Show. This category may include goats
eligible for category ‘B’. Regulation 26(b)(i) defines “whole herd” for C.A.E. testing purposes. “No entries
will be accepted in the ‘B’ or ‘W’ categories unless C.A.E. blood test results are on B.G.S. submission
forms or Sheep and Goat Health Scheme Forms. This is to enable quick and accurate confirmation of
the status of goats attending the show”.
British Goat Society offers:
1) A Rosette for the Best Goat in Show.
2) A Challenge Certificate for the Best Goat that has borne a kid.
3) A Challenge Certificate for the Best Inspection/Production Goat.
4) A Breed Challenge Certificate for the Best Goat that has borne a kid in each of the following Breeds:
Anglo Nubian, Saanen, British Saanen, Toggenburg, British Toggenburg, British-Alpine, Golden
Guernsey and British Guernsey.
5) A Certificate of Merit for the Best British Milker that has borne a kid.
6) The ‘Stud Goat’ Challenge Cup for the Stud Goat the site of the best progeny exhibited at certain
Shows, not exceeding 9 in number, in any one calendar year. Points will be allotted to progeny
winning prizes as follows; 1st prize – 3 points, 2nd prize – 2 points, 3rd prize – 1 point; subject
to no goat being allotted more than three points in inspection classes and 3 points in milking
competitions at one show. No points will be allotted in respect of awards in ‘family, or in ‘novice’
for other restricted classes. The qualities of the goat itself will not be taken into consideration.
The Cup will be awarded to the breeder of the Stud Goa whose progeny secure the most points,
provided that not less than 25 points are obtained by the progeny of one goat.

Okehampton & District Agricultural Association offers: Sash for Best in Show. Rosette for the Reserve
Best in Show, Rosette for Reserve Best Milker, Rosette and Cup for the Best Milker, Mole Avon Cup for
the Reserve Best Milker, Rosette and Cup for the Best Goatling from Mr & Mrs Newton of Bob’s Exhausts,
Rosette and Cup for the Reserve Best Goatling, Rosette and Trophy for the Best Kid, Rosette and Cup for
the Reserve Best Kid.
Mrs. J. Garvey offers the Cyder Perpetual Challenge Cup for the Best Golden Guernsey.