Make, Bake & Grow Competition (formally Rural Crafts and Home Produce) - Ringside Lady Eastwood

Class Number Entries Started At
Asparagus (8 spears) 32
Beetroot (3, any variety, with tops) 33
Broad Beans, 6 pods with growth point attached. 34
Jar of Cut Herbs. Minimum of 4 varieties. 35
A Container of Growing Herbs, 2 or more varieties. 36
A Container of Salad Leaves. Judged for Colour. 37
Root of New Potatoes, entire root must be displayed with haulm and tops. Any variety. 38
Radishes, bunch of 12, with tops. Any variety. 39
Rhubarb, 5 sticks, heel attached, and leaves trimmed to 8cm. 40
Spinach, perpetual, one handful. 41
Spring onions, bunch of 12. Any variety, bulbs to exceed15mm, leaves to exceed 25cm. 42
Spring Cabbage, 1 pair. Any variety. 43
Sprouting Broccoli, 6 stems. Any variety. 44
Any item of Garden Produce not previously not listed 45
Jar of Marmalade, citrus fruit only. 17 1
Jar of Stoned Fruit Jam. 18
Jar of Berry Fruit Jam. 19
Jar of Chutney 20
Jar of Pickled Onions. 21
Jar of Fermented Vegetables - (Please read the guidance notes) 22
Fruit Leather, 6 squares, 5cm x 5cm, any variety. 23
A Small Bottle of Homemade Fruit Liqueur. 24
One Duck Egg 13
6 Hens Eggs, white. 14
6 Hens Eggs, any colour other than white. 15 3
6 Bantam Eggs, any colour. 16 1
Walnut & Coffee Cake. 25 1
5 Cherry Scones 26
Victoria Sandwich. Jam only to be used, no cream. Maximum size 20cm diameter. 27
4 Square Pieces of Millionaires Shortbread. 28
5 Speciality Bread Rolls 29
A Plaited Loaf 30
‘A Celebration Cake’ Any type of icing. Decoration only to be judged Max size 50cm x 50cm 31 1
5 Decorated Cup Cakes – Theme: ‘Eurovision’. Decoration only to be judged. 1
Collage of a Butterfly. Maximum size A4. 2 2
A ‘Cress Head’. Cress grown in a decorated eggshell or yogurt pot. 3 2
A Painting of the Countryside. Maximum size A4 4 2
5 Decorated Cup Cakes – Theme: ‘Eurovision’. Decoration only to be judged. 5
A Bug Hotel 6
A Tray of Herbs. 2 or more varieties. 7
Design Your Own ‘Eurovision’ Outfit Drawing or collage, maximum size A3 8
A Decorated Cake – Theme: ‘Eurovision’. Decoration only to be judged. 9
Write the Lyrics of Your Own Eurovision Song. 10
6 Cheese Straws 11
A Tray of Salad Leaves Judged for Colour. 12
Woodcarving, three dimensional 46
Woodcarving, in relief 47
A Turned Item 48
A Woven Basket 49
An item woven from Willow (other than a basket) 50
A walking Stick 51
A Hand Knotted Net 52