Event Date
6th May 2024

Show Description

a) Exhibitors are limited to one entry in each class
b) Honey and wax must be from the exhibitor’s own apiary, except the honey cake, biscuit and fudge class
c) Jars must be matching, with gold lacquered, screw-top or twist lids, minimum 340g net weight, and show labels affixed 2cm from base
d) The Show Secretary will provide labels; all labels must be affixed in accordance with the show guidance sheet.
e) Exhibitors need to provide their own paper plates and polythene bags
f) Exhibits must be in the Bees & Honey tent before 9.00am on Show day. Exhibits can also be left at the Bees & Honey tent on Sunday 31st April if a steward is around. Please do not leave exhibits in the tent without a label.
g) Judging will take place in front of members of the public
h) The decision of the Judge shall be final
i) During the judging exhibitors are asked not to identify their exhibits to the Judge.
j) Identification of exhibits, in any way, to the Judge will lead to disqualification.
k) ****** All exhibitors must be in possession of a valid ticket for entry to the showground. These may be purchased in advance with submitted entry forms for adults £13.00, children £7.00. One free entry ticket for every £7.50 worth of entries.
l) Parking is available in the FREE public car park.