Event Date
6th May 2024

Show Description

Please read the rules at the front of the schedule. Also:
i. All cattle must be trained to be halter-led and to have proper halters on at all times. Exhibitors must ensure that bulls are under proper control at all times.
i. Cattle for group classes can be selected on the showground but exhibitors must make the entry on the entry form and pay the £7.00 entry fee.
ii. All entries in the dairy cattle classes are restricted to animals entered in the Herd Book proper or in the Supplementary Register of the appropriate Breed Society.
iii. Date of birth of all livestock in the cattle classes must be stated on the entry form.
iv. In all dairy breeds, exhibits in the “in calf” classes which calve before Show day will be moved into“in milk” classes for the Show, and vice versa.
v. Classes may be amalgamated if there are insufficient entries in any section of the schedule.
vi. Classes with 8 or more entries will have a 4th prize of £10.00.
vii. All cattle capable of being paraded will be required to do so, as directed by the stewards, in the parade. Stewards reserve the right to withdraw any animal not deemed safe to parade.
viii. Stock on the showground overnight must be supervised. Exhibitors are to bring their own frame and tarpaulin/cover.
ix. Straw will not be available on site. Please bring your own.
x. Arrangements for machine milking will be available on the showground.
xi. Cattle only to be washed in the lines provided.
xii. Any artificial contrivance or device of any description found on or proved to have been used on an animal at any time whilst that animal is in the Showground, either for preventing the flow of milk or for any other improper purpose, will disqualify that animal from being awarded a prize, and any prize awarded prior to discovery will be forfeited. The instigator or the owner of the said animal may be prohibited from again entering the Stock for any of the Society’s Shows, for such period as the council may see fit. For the purpose of this regulation, the term “improper practice” shall be held to include setting of teats, and generally any other practice including tampering of their own or any other animal by the exhibitor or any person which results in the animal being shown other than in a natural state, and the Society reserves the right to have all animals inspected by the Society’s Veterinary Officer, either prior to, during or after Judging.