Show Description

Chief Steward: Mrs Sue Lake
Chief Steward for Wool on the Hoof & Fleece: Sarah Ford

Additional rules for Sheep to the General Show Rules & Conditions:

Tail Docking: To be i.a.w. DEFRA Code of Recommendations for Welfare of Livestock - Sheep, p.14 para 62-63.
Exhibitors are reminded that there must be a gap of at least 2 metres between MV Accredited and Non-Accredited at all times.

1. All Sheep must be unloaded anvehicles parked by 8.15am and not removed before 4.00pm. Young Handler judging to commence at 8.30am. Other judging to commence at 9.00am prompt.
2. Artificial colouring to be used within their society's regulations.
3. Sheep to be entered on the correct form only, stating whether the flock is in the Maidi Visna Accreditation Scheme. Sheep should be eligible for registration with their respective Breed Society except in Local and Butcher's Lamb Classes.
4. All sheep exhibited must have been owned by entrant for a minimum of 3 months prior to show day.
5. Movement will be on paper via ARAMS-1 form. Forms to be made out for both inward and outward journeys and taken to the tent at the head of the penning for logging.
6. A certificate of MV status is to accompany all sheep that are in the Sheep & Goat Health Scheme. The certificate is to be shown to the steward before unloading and animals checked. All MV Accredited Sheep, Health Declaration forms will be collected by a steward on show day.
7. All prize winning animals must be ready to enter the main ring when required for the Grand Parade (at approximately 3.15pm).
8. Exhibitors must provide their own straw and fodder.
9. No dogs in the sheep field until after 2pm.
10. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times. Any dog not under controlled will be removed from the sheep field.

Event Summary
  • Entries Close
    Fri 21 July 2023 11:59pm
  • Entry Fee
    £0.00 - £4.00
  • Location
    The Mid Somerset Showground,
    Cannards Grave Road,
    Shepton Mallet,
    BA4 4GF