Show Description

Chief Steward: Mr Tom Osborne
Additional rules for Cattle to the General Show Rules & Conditions:
All cattle must be halter led whilst on the showground.

Exhibitors and stock attendants must be fully aware of their obligations for the safety of the general public and fellow exhibitors and stock attendants at all times whilst on the show ground and must observe orders given by stewards or officials when leading stock to and from the Judging Rings and Main Ring for Grand Parade. Stock attendants are responsible for their own cattle at all times.
All exhibitors of bulls should make themselves familiar with HSE Guidance Note GS36 "Safe Custody and Handling of Bulls at Agricultural Shows, Markets and Similar Premises Off the Farm." This Guidance Note gives the following methods for handling bulls at events:
1. One person using a bull staff attached to the bull's nose ring and a rope or chain attached to a halter or head chain through the nose ring with a competent person standing by able to assist in the control of the bull if required; if in doubt two experienced people to lead.
2. One person using a rope or chain attached to a halter with a second rope or chain attached directly to the nose ring or via the nose ring to the halter, with a competent person standing by able to assist if necessary.
3. The stewards have the power to refuse the entry of any animal which they consider might get out of control or to ask for any animal to be removed from the show ground.

1. All Cattle must be on the showground by 8.30am and not removed before 4.00pm. Judging to commence at 9.00am prompt. Passports to be taken to the check-in tent. Milk Certificates to be handed to the Chief Steward on arrival.
2. For the purpose of this show a cow is an animal which has completed its first lactation and is in calf for her second or subsequent calf. A heifer is an animal which has calved once only before show day and has not completed her first lactation. Animals with sealed teats will be disqualified.
3. All classes are open unless stated. Names and earmarks must be given for Pedigree and Grading Register animals B, C or D.
4. If the Chief Steward considers that any dairy animal on the showground is overstocked he shall demand her to be relieved at once.
5. All prize winning animals must be ready to enter the main ring when required for the Grand Parade (at approximately 3.20pm).
6. Exhibitors must provide their own straw and fodder.
7. Please ensure you are ready to enter the showing ring in plenty of time.

The Society reserves the right to amalgamate classes/sections where necessary.