Event Date
22nd Jul 2023

Show Description

Senior Steward: Mrs V Giles
Affiliated to the SHS
Open to all breeds
It is a condition of entry that exhibitors ensure that handlers must have the necessary strength and experience to cope with foreseeable problems.
Animals should not be left unattended. All exhibitors must hold a current public liability policy at the time of the show.

Judging to commence at 9.30 a.m.
Class 308 (Turn Out) will be judged in the Main Ring with the Parade which will include all entrants in classes judged in the Horse Ring.
Prize money will be forfeit from Classes 300 to 308 if not present at the Parade. Competitors to be in smart dress.

Classes 300-304 and 306 are qualifiers for the Wessex Heavy Horse Show

Ticket Allocation
One vehicle pass and two tickets for the first entry
One ticket per animal thereafter