Event Date
23rd Jul 2022

Show Description

An Award of £30 will be made for the Best Exhibitor's Area and Best
Presented Livestock within the Sheep lines
Senior Steward : Tom Chanin
1) Sheep Scab - Exhibitors must comply with SAC sheep scab regulations in force at the time
2) Maedi Visna - Entries for non-scheme flocks will be accepted. Exhibitors with Accredited flocks must bring their papers for verification on arrival. Separate pen areas allocated.
3) Docking - Current legislation requires that lambs must have sufficient tail retained to cover the vulva of female sheep and the anus of the male sheep. Sheep will be inspected in the lines by the Show's Veterinary Officers
4) All sheep in breed classes must be eligible for registration in the Breed Society Flock Book
It is a condition of entry that exhibitors ensure that handlers must only lead animals where they have the necessary strength and experience to cope with foreseeable problems.
All Champion and Reserve Champion animals must enter the Grand Parade.
Any class within a breed, having only one entry will be amalgamated with another class within that breed.
Exhibitors will be notified of the position in time to allow them to withdraw, if they so wish.
Entry Fees £5 plus fee for pen hire £2 each
Prize Money : 1st £15, 2nd £10, 3rd £5, 4th (given in the event of there being at least 10 entries in the class) £3, Rosettes to 5th place in all classes. If 12 or more entries Rosettes to 6th place.
In addition Champion and Reserve Champion Rosette in each section.
Young Handlers judging to commence at 9.00 a.m. followed by Breed and Other Sections at 9.45 a.m.
Interbreed Sheep then Wool on the Hoof, Fleece Classes at 11.00 a.m.
Classes will be amalgamated if less than 5 in each class.
If 15 or more entries are forward a class may be split.
Prize Money will be forfeited if not present at the Parade
Please include the year of birth of the sheep on the entry form

Up to 3 animals - 2 tickets
4 or 5 animals - 3 tickets
6 or more animals - 4 tickets