Event Date
23rd Jul 2022

Show Description

Pygmy Goats
An Award of £30 will be made for the Best Exhibitor's Area and Best Presented Livestock within the Pygmy Goat lines
Rosettes will be awarded 1st - 4th place (depending on entry numbers)
Prize Money 1st = £15 2nd = £10 3rd = £5
Senior Steward : Alison Stoyle
Stewards : Robert Stoyle
Can we please ask all exhibitors participating in the 2022 Show to ensure they supply their own bedding for this years event.
To comply with space requirements this year we can only accept a maximum of 4 pens per exhibitor.
It is a condition of entry that exhibitors ensure that handlers must only lead animals where they have the necessary strength and experience to cope with foreseeable problems.
Run under the rules of the Pygmy Goat Club for Shows
1. Conditions of entry are subject to current DEFRA/WAG movement restrictions and exhibitors must comply with all animal health regulations in force at the time of the Show.
2. All goats must be tagged in accordance with DEFRA/WAG regulations.
3. All exhibits must be registered with the Pygmy Goat Club with the exception of female kids under 6 months male kids under 12 months, wethers and pet females. Registration details must be included on the entry form.
4. All exhibitors (except Junior Handlers) must be current members of the Pygmy Goat Club
5. No late entries or substitutions will be allowed.
6. All dates to be calculated to the day of the Show. Dates of birth and kidding dates to be included on the entry form.
7. No pregnant goats may be admitted to the Showground
8. Goats to have kidded a minimum of 30 days prior to the Show.
9. Classes with only one entry will be cancelled or, if possible, amalgamated
10. No entries to be accepted for goats bred or previously owned by the judge.
Entry Fee; £5.00 Pen Hire: £2.00 each. Please indicate how many required on Entry Form.
Judge: Mrs Tracey Cater

Up to 3 animals - 2 tickets
4 or 5 animals - 3 tickets
6 or more animals - 4 tickets