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Homecrafts, Floral Art & Cider

Event Date
22nd Aug 2024

Show Description

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Horticulture and Floral Art - all exhibits must be staged between 2.30pm and 8.30pm on Wednesday 21st August 2024. No entries will be allowed to stage on show day.

All other exhibits can be staged between 2.30pm and 8.30pm on Wednesday 21st August or between 7.00am and 8.30am on show day, Thursday 22nd August. Any exhibits left overnight are at the exhibitor’s risk.

All exhibitors need to enter via the Yellow entrance along the West Bay Road and will have 20 minutes to stage their exhibit before being asked to park in the Public car park.

On arrival at your marquee please report to a steward to collect your exhibitor numbers. You will be issued with two sets of numbers. One must accompany your exhibit and the other should be retained as proof of ownership. Exhibits in the Home Produce and Handicrafts section must have the class label securely fastened to the exhibit. All Art and Photography exhibits must have the label attached at the front with Sellotape.

Exhibits must not be removed until 5pm and after the prizegiving presentations have taken place. From 6pm onwards admission to the Homecraft, Floral Art and Horticulture tents will be confined to exhibitors or their authorized representatives on production of the Exhibitors half of class labels affixed to exhibits, and will be allowed only for the purpose of collecting exhibits.

Winners will be presented with a prize money and this can be collected from the relevant marquee, you must present your winning class label in order to receive your card. Prize money is available to collect on the day or from our show office in Bridport up until 30th September 2024.

Exhibits of Home Produce must have been made by exhibitor since 1st September 2023 except in Wine Classes 529 to 536 inclusive.

Prize Money available from the Handicraft marquee on show day.

Classes 500 to 536 Points to be awarded as follows: 4 points for 1st prize, 2 points for 2nd prize; 1 point for 3rd prize.

All classes in the Home Produce Section are for amateurs only. Exhibitors with experience in the trade concerned are not eligible except for the cider classes.