Event Date
22nd Aug 2024

Show Description

Entries for our annual Farm and Crop competitions are now open! The Society’s Farm and Crop competitions recognise and commend the good practices of West Dorset Farmers;  it assesses their husbandry, financial and business skills as well as their dedication to looking after the countryside.  A team of judges will visit farms, judging dates are: Tuesday 16 July 2024 – Medium Farms and Crops and Wednesday 17 July 2024 – Small and Large Farms.
Classes for:
Short-Term Cutting Ley - land put down to grass, clover, herbs etc for a single season.  It is cut several times in a year for silage or hay to feed livestock.
Long-Term Cutting Ley – land put down to grass typically for 4/5 years or more.  Lower yielding than short-term ley but gains over the years.  Used for grazing animals and is probably cut once a year.
Best field of Winter Wheat - wheat is sown in Autumn or Winter and harvested the following Summer.   The wheat is used for milling for making bread and animal feed e.g.. cattle and dog food.  The straw is used for animal bedding in the winter.
Best field of Winter Barley – sown in September/October and harvested in July.  it is predominantly used for feed and makes a useful crop in a rotation for example turnips or kale which are used as winter feed to feed the cattle.  Straw is used for animal fodder or bedding.
Best field of Spring Barley -  sown in March/April and harvested in the summer.  It is a cheaper crop to grow than winter barley and although yields are lower the gross margin is comparable.   Barley goes to the brewing industry for making beer and is also used for animal feed.  The straw is a valuable feed for young stock and bedding.
Best field of Oats - oats can be planted in both spring and winter. Winter oats are planted in early late September/early October, and Spring oats are planted in late March or early April.  They are harvested in August.  Oats have many uses in food e.g. oatmeal, porridge oats,  health foods, etc. , and are also used for animal feed e.g.. For sheep and horses.  The straw is used for fodder or bedding.

Prize money for grassland and crop classes:  1st prize £50, 2nd prize £25, 3rd prize £15.

Prize money for farm classes:  1st 75, 2nd prize £50, 3rd prize £25.

The competitions have been kindly sponsored by Woolley & Wallis a leading regional firm of estate agents, chartered surveyors and auctioneers, and is open to farms and small holdings of all sizes within a 12-mile radius of Melplash village church.  All classes are free to enter and offer prize money and certificates for the winners.  Trophies will be presented at our annual show being held on Thursday 22nd August.

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    Wed 10 July 2024 11:59pm
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    West Bay Showground,
    DT6 4EG