Event Date
28th Aug 2023

Show Description

Cattle exhibitors are reminded of the regulations with regard to bovine TB. Further details are available from DEFRA.
All cattle movements must be reported to BCMS – stickers available from cattle tent. Bulls must be handled in accordance with HSE Guidelines. All beef cattle/dual purpose must have metal clip in nose, to include 2nd year Young Farmers Calves, if participating in the Grand Parade
The Grand Parade will be held at 3:30pm. All Champions and First Prize Winners must to take part, failure to do so will result in no prize money been given.
Cattle will be allocated a space in the marquee on a first come first served basis, late entries maybe housed outside. Exhibitors should read the General Notes in this schedule.
Animals that calf or show evidence of calving whilst on the Showground must be placed in the approved isolation accommodation pending their possible early removal from the Showground. Where an animal calves prematurely or aborts, the Divisional Veterinary Officer must be informed immediately. The animal must be returned home TOGETHER WITH ALL THE ANIMALS FROM THE SAME REGISTERED PREMISES after a full range of samples (including possible placental smear) has been taken. The animal must be isolated in transit.