Event Date
14th Jul 2023

Show Description

This year, we have moved to an online entry system and for ease we have introduced a one off payment of £16.00 for entries. (This could be for one hound entry or 36 entries; regardless of the number of hounds entered the entry fee remains at £16.00).
STAGE 1 - You will need to enter your details into "0" (Payment Class - £16.00) before you start entering any Hounds. The number of hounds that may be entered in any class is indicated in the Hound Schedule (available from this system or the GYS Website).
STAGE 2 - Entering hound details
Please press 'Enter Now' to start the process.
We are delighted to host the MDBA Bloodhound & Draghound Show again this year.
These classes will be run in the following order:
Bloodhound - Unentered Dog, followed by Draghound - Unentered Dog.
Bloodhound - Entered Dog, followed by Draghound - Entered Dog.
Bloodhound - Stallion Hound, followed by Draghound - Stallion Hound.
Bloodhound - Couple of Dogs, followed by Draghounds - Couple of Dogs.
Bloodhound - Unentered Bitch, followed by Draghound - Unentered Bitch.
Bloodhound - Entered Bitch, followed by Draghound - Entered Bitch.
Bloodhound - Couple of Dogs, followed by Draghounds - Couple of Dogs.
The Chief Steward for this section is Mr Nigel Church.
The Livestock Office Team are:
Amanda Stoddart-West amandaw@yas.co.uk 01423 546231
Jenny Robinson jennyr@yas.co.uk 01423 546206
Jo-Anne Suddaby joannes@yas.co.uk 01423 546236
Billie Wilson billiew@yas.co.uk 01423 546155