Show Description


Please ensure to put details on your entry form so consumers can find & buy it! Leaflets or other small literature may be placed on the exhibits after judging and before 10am on the show morning of Saturday 9th September.

Exhibit labels containing class and exhibit numbers will be forwarded to each exhibitor. These must be visibly attached. A white bandage is permitted on the sides of cylindrical cheese to within 1in of the top and bottom. The right is reserved for the committee to remove or cover any mark or name indicating who the manufacturer might be, this may extend to removing the exhibit from competition except in classes which specifically permit branded packaging.

Please ensure your exhibits are adequately packaged to prevent transit damage. Damaged exhibits often cannot be judged.
All exhibits to be staged and delivered to The West Woodlands Showground, Bunns lane, West Woodlands, BA11 5ES between 1.00pm and 5.00pm on Wednesday 6th September 2023. If exhibits need to be delivered outside these times contact 01373 463600 to arrange a prior appointment.
Exhibits can also be delivered to Peter Green Chilled Leighton Lane, Evercreech, Nr Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6LQ on Monday 4th September or Tuesday 5th September 2023 and the show will stage the exhibits for you. Each outer carton must be marked with the following: Global Cheese Awards, Frome. The small white label supplied by the show stating the class number and exhibit number must be visibly attached to each cheese. The position where each lot is to occupy will be pointed out to exhibitors by members of the committee.
Late deliveries or deliveries with missing labels may not be displayed.

There will be a First, Second and Third awarded to each class and the winners of the classes will then compete against other winners within the same section. From this a Best in Category will be awarded and then all the Best in Categories will compete to win the Global Champion and the UK Supreme Champion, the latter of which is only available to our UK entries.

No produce is to be withdrawn from the exhibition before 6.00pm on Saturday 9th September 2023. Each exhibitor wishing to collect their exhibits must have a person in attendance at the close of the exhibition to collect their produce and to see its removal. No other parties will be admitted into the show after the close of the exhibition. Any produce not collected before 7.00pm will become the property of the show.

The committee reserve the right to use the Global Champion, Reserve Global Champion, UK Champion, Reserve UK Champion, and Best Traditional Cheese for cutting in the Cheese Pavilion for sale to the public at the cheese auction.


All exhibitors must familiarise themselves with the rules outlined in this document & abide by these rules and regulations. They will not hold the Society responsible in the event of any loss, damage or accident

All entries made on the printed entry form within the schedule must be returned to the secretary, together with the entry fees. The name and address of the exhibitor must be clearly stated on the printed entry form.

No produce will be admitted into the competition that has not been entered in due time.
The Society reserves the right to amend and add to these rules and empowers the cheese committee chairman with the final and absolute right to interpret all rules and regulations and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions and differences in regard there to.

The judge’s decision is final.

Exhibits made by the exhibitor or by a trader can be entered. In the latter case the name of the original maker must not be specified, except classes which specifically allow branded packaging.

The committee, aided by security, will have charge of the pavilion, and all possible precautions will be taken to prevent interference with the produce. No person, not even the owner (except in the presence of one of the committee) will be allowed to bore any of the produce, and any person cutting, or wilfully defacing or damaging any of the cheese, will be ejected.

The committee reserves the right to disqualify, in each and every class of the cheese exhibition, any exhibitor who may make any false declaration, and the entrance fees will be forfeitable at the discretion of the committee.

For classes allowing different varieties, the exhibit variety must be specified.

No person shall be with the judges (while executing their duty) except the president, the Show Managers, stewards and two impartial members of the committee. This rule will be strictly adhered to.

The entry must be of a suitable size to be judged on three separate occasions. The committee reserves the right to disqualify any entry that fails to meet this requirement.This does not apply to classes C615, L644 & L645.

The IFF Grand Prix Rules:
Open to all cheese makers in the UK with free entry to all cheese makers at each show.
1. One block of mature cheddar cheese
2. One entry only in each qualifying round per dairy, per site
3. No identification marks allowed on the cheese
4. All blocks will be retained by the shows
5. Points available for winning by dairies inqualifying rounds
- 5 points for each entry
- 25 points for 1st place
- 18 points for 2nd place
- 15 points for 3rd place

ENTRY Fees (inc.VAT):
Production Classes - £25
Artisan Classes - £15
IFF Grand Prix - Free to enter

Event Summary
  • Entries Close
    Tue 22 August 2023 11:59pm
  • Entry Fee
    £0.00 - £25.00
  • Location
    West Woodlands Showground,
    Bunns Lane,
    West Woodlands,
    BA11 5ES