Show Description


1. No Exhibitor will be awarded more than two prizes in any one Class.
2. All exhibits must be staged by 12 noon on Friday 8th September. Judging will commence promptly at 2pm on Friday 8th September.
3. In classes with only one entry, the committee reserves the right to award second prize money only, if in the opinion of the judge, the entry is of insufficient merit to justify a first prize. No second prize will be awarded in any class in which there are not at least three entries or third unless there are at least four entries.
4. All grain must have been grown, by the exhibitor, on his/her own farm.
5. Exhibits should be removed between 5pm and 5.30pm on Saturday 9th September. Any roots or grain exhibits left on the Showground after this time shall become the property of the Society. The Society will not be liable for any loss or damage to any exhibit.


Group 1
Varieties that produce consistent milling and baking performance. Group 1 varieties are not interchangeable; some are better suited to specific uses than others. It is therefore important to understand end-use requirements.
KWS Zyatt, Skyfall, Crusoe and RGT Illustrious
Spring wheat: KWS Ladum, Mulika and Nissaba

Group 2
This group comprises varieties that exhibit bread-making potential but are not suited to all grists. Some are consistent, but not as good as those in Group 1; some perform inconsistently while others are suited to specialist flours.
KWS Extase, KWS Palladium, KWS Siskin and Mayflower
Spring Wheat: KWS Cochise, KWS Giraffe, KWS Chilhum

Group 3
Soft varieties for biscuit, cake and other flours.
KWS Guium, LG Prince, KWS Brium, Merit, KWS Firefly, RGT Rashid, LG Illuminate, LG Astronomer,
Elicit, KWS Barrel

Group 4
These varieties are grown mainly as feed wheats. However, some (such as the examples listed below), may be used by millers in certain ‘general purpose’ grists if they achieve the contractual standards, but are unlikely to attract a premium.
Soft Wheats: LG Skyscraper, RGT Bairstow, RGT Stokes, RGT Saki, Elation, KWS Jackal, Swallow,
LG Spotlight
Hard Wheats: Champion, SY Insitor, KWS Dawsum, Gleam, Graham, KWS Cranium, LG Typhoon,
RGT Wolverine, Costello, Theodore, KWS Kerrin, RGT Gravity
Spring Wheats: KWS Fixum, WPB Escape, Hexham, KWS Talisker


A CHAMPION PRIZE OF £5.00 AND A ROSETTE will be awarded for the best exhibit in the fodder & grain section.
A PERPETUAL SILVER CHALLENGE CUP, kindly donated by the late Mr R R Jones, will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in these classes.
A PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP, kindly given by Peter White, will be awarded for the Best Exhibit
A PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP, kindly given by Chemega, will be awarded for the Best Malting Exhibit

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