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Light Horses & Ponies

Event Date
18th May 2024

Show Description

Light Horse: Convener - Ms D Haig, Cupar. Committee - Ms R Copland, Cupar; Mrs M Snow, Leven; Mrs L Whiteford, Cupar.

**PLEASE ENSURE YOU ENTER THE HORSE/PONY IN THE NAME SHOWN IN HIS/HER PASSPORT** Please be aware that rings and timings will be confirmed once entries close.

All passports must be carried to the Show. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that all equines are fit and well, currently showing no signs of illness, or having shown any signs of illness within the previous 10 days. This policy will be under regular review.
The Fife Show is affiliated to and/or holds qualifiers for the following Societies/Championships: BHS Scotland, Blair Castle BSPS Training Stakes Series; British Show Pony Society (BSPS); Equifest; Irish Draught Horse Society (GB); NPS Scotland; Retraining of Racehorses; and the Veteran Horse Society.

All classes are open to members and non-members of these Associations and Societies. If entering qualifiers, please ensure that you comply with the Rules & Requirements of the individual bodies.

Animals entered in Open M&M Ridden, Novice M&M Ridden, Registered M&M In-Hand and Open M&M WHP classes must be registered in the pure-bred section of their respective Breed Societies. Animals entered in M&M Part-Bred classes must be registered in the Part Bred section of their respective Breed Society.

All animals must be named on the entry form, with the exception of foals born after the entry is submitted. Foals must be at least three weeks old on the day of the Show. NOTE: Brood Mares who have lost their foals in the year of exhibition may compete in the class on provision of a Veterinary Certificate stating that the foal died or was prevented, owing to illness or accident, from being shown.
Substitutes, for the same class ONLY, may be made if an animal entered is unable to come forward. The Secretary MUST be advised by noon on Thursday 16th May of the new animal's name.

The Show Committee has endeavoured to schedule several classes for each exhibitor. However, classes will not be held up, nor will the organisers be responsible if exhibitors miss classes that they have entered. Exhibitors must have an attendant with each exhibit during judging, otherwise the stock cannot be judged. Classes will not be delayed for exhibitors competing in other classes. Classes may be split, or amalgamated, at the discretion of the Show Officials. Unless otherwise stated, all Classes operate on a “follow on” basis.

Hats: with regard to British Standards please follow the rules of the affiliated body connected to the section in which you are competing. If a class is not affiliated to any particular body, then current British standards apply: PAS 015 (2011) and VG1 both with BSI Kitemark; ASTM F1163 2004a onwards with SEI mark; SNELL E2016 with official SNELL label and number; AS/NZS 3838 2006 onwards with SAI Global mark; EN1384 2023 with BSI Kitemark.

The Gavin Reekie (Perpetual) Challenge Cup will be awarded for the best animal in the In-Hand Native Pony sections (Highland, Shetland, and Registered Pure-Bred Mountain & Moorland). Judged Ring 6 at 1p.m by Mrs Jane Reid.

The Supreme In-Hand Championship - £70 to Champion; £30 to Reserve. Judged Ring 6 at 1p.m. by Mrs Jane Reid. Kindly sponsored by DP & L TRAVEL.

The Champion will be eligible to take part in the Champion of Champions, with £100 awarded to the Overall Show Champion, kindly sponsored by QUAKER. To be Judged in the Main Ring at 2.30p.m, using a points system, by the five Judges from the following sections: Sheep Interbreed, Pedigree Cattle Interbreed, Dairy Cattle, Commercial Cattle, Supreme In-Hand Horse/Pony.
The Champions from the following sections will compete for this award: Sheep Interbreed, Pedigree Cattle Interbreed, Dairy Cattle, Commercial Cattle, Supreme In-Hand Horse/Pony.


This Show is affiliated to Equifest, taking place at the Arena UK, Grantham, Lincolnshire on the 1st – 4th August 2024. The two highest exhibits not already qualified in each affiliated class will qualify.
Equifest Open Ridden Hunters: Classes 147-149
Equifest Ridden Small Hunters: Class 150
Equifest Open Mountain & Moorland In-Hand: Classes 151-154.
Equifest Open Mountain & Moorland Lead Rein: Class 157
Equifest Mountain & Moorland First Ridden: Class 158
Junior Ridden Mountain & Moorland: Classes 159-160
Equifest Open Ridden Mountain & Moorland: Classes 161-162
Equifest Open Mountain & Moorland Working Hunter Ponies: Classes 164-167
Equifest Open Ridden Part-Breds: Class 170
Equifest Open Show Pony Lead Rein: Class 171
Equifest Open Show Hunter Pony Lead Rein: Class 171
Equifest Open Show Pony First Ridden: Class 172
Equifest Open Ridden Show Ponies: Class 173
Equifest Open Ridden Show Hunter Ponies: Class 174
Equifest Open Ridden Veteran Horse/Pony: Classes 195-197
Equifest Open Riding Horses: Classes 201-202
Equifest Open Ridden Hacks: Classes 201-202
Equifest Open Ridden Cobs: Classes 204-205
Equifest Open Maxi Cobs: Class 206
Equifest Open Working Hunter: Class 209

This Show is affiliated to The Irish Draught Horse Society (GB). THE IRISH DRAUGHT HORSE SOCIETY (GB) £2000 RIDDEN CHALLENGE (Classes 147-150), THE MOORBENNHALL IRISH DRAUGHT YOUNGSTOCK CHALLENGE and THE IDHS(GB) IRISH DRAUGHT SPORT HORSE YOUNGSTOCK CHALLENGE (Classes 144-146). Horses must be eligible under the below criteria to qualify for the National Championship show which will be help at Onley Equestrian Centre on 7th – 8th September 2024.
Owners of Pure Bred Irish Draught horses must be full members of the IDHS (GB) and the horses:
• Must be registered with or overstamped by the IDHS (GB) and in the correct ownership.
• Must be the progeny of a Graded Mare (Class 1, Class 2, RID (GB), AID or Supplementary Grade Up Register) and be by a Class 1, 2 or RID (GB) stallion on the
Irish Draught Breed Register.
• Ridden horses must be 153cm (15hh) or over
• In hand - Yearling, two and three year old COLTS must be bitted and shown by an experienced handler of 18 years of age or over. All three year old colts must be uninspected

Owners of Irish Draught Sport Horses do not have to be members of the IDHS (GB) but the horses:-
• Must have a minimum of 25% proven Irish Draught breeding and be registered on the IDHS (GB) Irish Draught Sport Horse Register or overstamped by IDHS (GB).
• They must be in the correct ownership
• Ridden horses must be 153cm (15hh) or over
• In hand - Yearling, two and three year old COLTS must be bitted and shown by an experienced handler of 18 years of age or over.

To be run under NPS SCOTLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS RULES 2024. These rules clarify areas particular to NPS Scotland. We also run to the Rules of the National Pony Society. Copies of these rules can be found on our website Exhibitors are deemed to be conversant with these rules.