Dog Show - Ringside Game Fair Ring

Class Number Entries Started At
Any variety puppy (6-12 months), dog. 525
Any variety sporting dog (terriers). 526 1
Any variety sporting dog (gundogs). 527
Any variety non-sporting dog (any other breed). 528 1
Any variety Veteran Dog or Bitch (over 7yrs) 529
Any variety open dog or bitch 530 1
Junior Handlers Class (Under 18yrs of age and dog owned by exhibitor or the exhibitor’s parents.) 531 1
Pedigree Dog Championship CH90
Any mixed breed pet dog 535 1
Any variety dog with the most appealing eyes. 536 4
Dog with the waggiest tail. 537
Dog in best condition. 538 4
Best six legs. 539 4
Dog the Judge would most like to take home. 540 3