Event Date
20th May 2023

Show Description

Senior Conveners: R. Brown; E. Lang
Convener: R Dewey
Start: 9.30 am.
Note: Pedigree Cattle entered in this division must be registered, or eligible for registration, in the appropriate Herd Book and cannot compete in the Commercial classes.
Substitutes, for the same class ONLY, may be made if an animal entered is unable to come forward. The Secretary MUST be advised by noon on Friday 19th May of the new animal's name and ear tag number.

The Pedigree Cattle Interbreed will be judged at 12.30 pm. by Neil McGowan.
The Champion will receive £70 and the Reserve £15.
The Champion in the Commercial Section will receive £20 and the Reserve £15.
Champion and Reserve Interbreed Champion will be awarded in the Dairy Section.
The three Champions noted above will be eligible to take part in the Champion of Champions, with £100 awarded to the Overall Show Champion, kindly sponsored by Quaker. The Champions from the following sections will compete for this award: Sheep, Pedigree Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Commercial Cattle, In-Hand Horse/Pony.

Grand Parade of Prizewinners will be at 2.45 pm in the Main Ring.

The Montrave (Perpetual) Challenge Cup - presented by Sir John Gilmour Bt for the exhibitor gaining most points in the Cattle Section. Class awards only. First - 3 points, Second - 2 points, Third - 1 point.
The Nickersons of Rothwell (Perpetual) Challenge Cup - presented by Nickersons Seed Specialists Ltd, Grimsby, for Overall Champion Pedigree Beef Animal.
The Nitrovit (Perpetual) Shield - for the Overall Champion Pedigree Dairy Cow.
The Cameron Cup (Perpetual) - presented by the late Mrs Peggy Cameron, Balbuthie for Best Beef Interbreed Pair owned by the exhibitor. If more than one pair from a section is eligible for presentation of this cup, pairs will be judged initially within their sections.
The Royal Hotel Challenge Cup (Perpetual) - presented by Mr A Williamson, Royal Hotel, Cupar for Best Pedigree Beef Animal bred by exhibitor.