Event Date
10th Aug 2024

Show Description

Riders to wear appropriate attire.
(Head Protection, Jodphurs, Long Sleeved Shirts etc - not jeans)
(A current standard riding hat with harness must be worn by all competitors when mounted)

Please note: Classes will not be held for competitors competing in another ring.
No competitors allowed into a 'ridden class' once the trot command has been given, and once the last horse has trotted out in the 'in hand' classes.
The Society reserves the right to split or amalgamate classes where deemed necessary.
Equine Influenza - All horses and ponies should be vaccinated against Equine Influenza within the twelve months prior to the show, passports will be spot checked by the Head Stewards. The Show's
Veterinary Officers will carry out regular checks of the Horse Lines and the Stewards, at their direction, are empowered to require any horse or pony showing clinical signs of Equine Influenza to be immediately
removed from the Showground. In the event of a serious outbreak prior to the Show, the Show reserves the right to require Vaccination Certificates to be produced prior to admitting animals to the Showground.
Owners of any Horse found to be coughing whilst on the Showfield will be asked to remove the animal immediately.

All animals ridden anywhere on the showground, rings or lorry parks (day or night), must only be ridden by a rider whose size and weight does not compromise the animal’s welfare. We are operating under the 20% rider weight guideline where the rider in full riding attire with full tack must be less than 20% of the animal’s bodyweight. This is based on a relatively fit, healthy animal, as an overweight animal is also a welfare concern.

All Riders are required to include £1.50 for First Aid Provision

Event Summary
  • Entries Close
    Fri 26 July 2024 11:55pm
  • Entry Fee
    £4.00 - £7.50
  • Location
    The Village Show Field,
    CA5 7QS